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ThemeShaper Forums Topic: How to get more from these forums Help In Shaping WordPress Themes en Fri, 29 May 2015 06:02:44 +0000 theobear on "How to get more from these forums" Wed, 02 Mar 2011 21:39:27 +0000 theobear 19466@ <p>for some reason when I try to post a new topic it gives me an error message... </p> peterhol on "How to get more from these forums" Sat, 10 Apr 2010 15:11:58 +0000 peterhol 11359@ <p>Guess this would be simpler with simplepress forum :) </p> Val on "How to get more from these forums" Fri, 09 Apr 2010 15:28:45 +0000 Val 11341@ <p>Gene: Amen!</p> <p>Before I launch into suggestions, I have to tell you how grateful I am to you and Chris for your support here. I don't want to be remiss and forget anyone, but I had to recognize both of you because both of you have specifically solved my Thematic problems or questions, directly or indirectly.</p> <p>(My two cents worth): Would it be beneficial to all of us to restructure the forum such that there are sub-forums for different phases of WordPress Thematic implementation?</p> <p>For example, "Installation," "Headers," "Navigation," "Sidebars," "Footers," "CSS," "Grid"...</p> <p>There is fantastic help here but I think one reason why there are more questions asked than answered is because the structure IMHO is very loose and allows for much duplication without much step-by-step learning. (I am not being critical, I'm just trying to convey my experience.) </p> <p>As a newbie to Thematic and to the ThemeShaper forum, I had to search and search and search to find answers. There didn't seem to be a logical structure, to me at least. Somehow, I managed to find a tutorial but couldn't find my way back to it!</p> <p>It would have helped me to have a "Start Here" link and one of these days... (when I think I know enough to suggest to folks where to start) I'll put together such a beast...</p> <p>Another suggestion is to use the WIKI to to build a HOW TO DO X. A brief discussion of X would be followed by a link to the "answer" in the forum. Or lift it out of the forum and close the topic with a link back to the WIKI.</p> <p>Another suggestion is to use the WIKI for the "START HERE" or "Step-by-Step" instructions...</p> <p>In any event, I feel as you do, Gene. Give a bit, take a bit, give a bit more... and I am willing to help out under the guidance of Moderators who have more experience with WordPress and with managing forums.</p> <p>All the best,<br /> Val </p> helgatheviking on "How to get more from these forums" Fri, 09 Apr 2010 03:16:18 +0000 helgatheviking 11336@ <p>here here! i tried to do just that today and I feel like I learned quite alot about Thematic in the process. I still consider myself a cut-and-paste coder, but I feel like I have a better understanding of how Thematic works from helping a few other people out.. even if many of my responses were just revisiting important links/tuts. </p> <p>and i also couldn't agree more w/ evilgrin. Be specific in your requests. This is a problem i see alot when trying to help my friends/family w/ their various computer problems. "It's broke" does not help me help you. Generally I see better questions than that here, but it is still a good point. And definitely, definitely come back and post your solution if you find one. I also find lots of help from problems other people have encountered before me. </p> <p>thematic rocks! </p> xxxevilgrinxxx on "How to get more from these forums" Thu, 18 Mar 2010 15:26:48 +0000 xxxevilgrinxxx 10808@ <p>I think that one of the ways to ensure that you get help is to be specific and put out as much as you can about what you're experiencing. Spell out what you've tried, post screen captures if you can, that sort of thing.</p> <p>As for helping back, if you get the problem solved, even on your own, do the same thing: document. If you've experienced it, someone else will, and may not ask. I've managed to solve a lot of weird problems simply by googling the problem and finding that other people elsewhere have experienced the same thing. </p> em hr on "How to get more from these forums" Thu, 18 Mar 2010 06:00:00 +0000 em hr 10804@ <p>At any given moment there are many more people asking questions here than there are those that are answering them. This is great because it means lots of us are learning with Thematic and it's not so great because it means there are questions that inevitably go unanswered.</p> <p>I've had a personal philosophy since I started using these forums that for every piece of wisdom I took from this framework that I'd try to give one back. Not all of my pieces have been worth nearly as much as the ones I've taken but it still makes a difference. It's through helping other people here that I have expanded my knowledge of Thematic, WordPress and PHP.</p> <p>If you find useful knowledge in the documentation, tutorials and forums that make up the cornerstones for Thematic then please give something back. If you want to donate something to Thematic, then share your time and experience with the community. Help newcomers in the forums, author a tutorial, and do great things with Thematic.</p> <p>In my opinion, our help in these forums is the most valuable and lasting contribution that we can make :)</p> <p>If anyone else has a recipe for success on helping others and getting good help this is the place to share it.</p> <p>I'd like to hear what you think are good ways to ask for support and also good ways to provide it.</p> <p>Cheers,<br /> Gene </p>