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3 Basic Thematic Questions

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  • Started 7 years ago by fedude
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  1. fedude

    These may be dumb questions to some, but it will help me understand this behemoth.

    1. If I want to modify an action, I need to remove the existing action before adding a new action. True or False?

    2. If I want to modify a filter, I need to remove the existing filter before adding a new filter. True or False? (If true, how do I remove a filter?)

    3. If I want to modify category.php, all I need to do is copy it from the thematic folder into my child theme folder and edit away. When the theme runs it will find the modified category.php file to use. True or False?


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  2. fedude

    #3 - YES. category.php in the directory of your child theme will be used before the category.php in the thematic theme.

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  3. fedude

    OK, I've answered my own quesstions:

    If an action already exists, it must be removed and before new code can be put in it's place. Here is how an action is removed:

    function remove_actions() {
    	remove_action('thematic_categoryloop', 'thematic_category_loop');
    add_action('init', 'remove_actions');

    Functions containing filters can just be substituted. Wherever the call is to the function containing the filter just substitute a new function for it and at the bottom of the function include your filter. The key here is to substitute a new function in the calling routine. I wasn't able to just include a function with the same name in my functions.php file.

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