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3 columns layout help + a couple of other questions

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  1. bsantos

    hello all, first post.

    i'm in the process of converting a previous theme ( into a thematic child theme based on power blog. help with any of these questions would be much appreciated.

    question 1:

    the 3-column layouts in the thematic library all use adjacent widget areas, whereas i'm looking for is:

    1st widget area (primary) on left , content area in the middle, 2nd widget area (secondary) on right. how should i do this?

    question 2:

    how do i hide the blog title and description, so that the header image is the first thing on the page, with no space above it?

    question 3:

    what is the proper way to hide a default item, in both thematic and power blog... say, the rss or category listing?

    edit figured this one out, just deleted them from functions.php

    thanks for reading

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. 1- this is one of thematic's default layouts. in your stylesheet you need to change whichever layout you are importing to import 3c-fixed.css

    2 - you need to the appropriate actions. see
    sounds like you want to get rid of thematic_brandingopen, thematic_blogtitle, thematic_blogdescription, and thematic_brandingclose which are all also mentioned on that site.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. bsantos

    thanks! all sorted out. :)

    i did start a new child theme though, 3c-fixed.css wasn't rendering as expected with power blog. i think i know why, (float, clear, etc) but for now i'm ok with starting fresh.


    Posted 9 years ago #

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