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  1. If your new to 960 or Thematic I have quick solution to help you get started to using the both together.

    Thematic already provides 5 great layouts but if you would like to customize or use the column sizes provided by 960 follow my directions below.

    1. Download 960 template at
    2. Open contents in Code folder.
    3. Copy 960.css for 12-16 column or 960_24_col.css for 24 column and place into child theme directory. (For future you should make a styles folder and place all these files into there)
    4. Open demo.css and delete the following id
    body, a, a:hover, h1, h2. In p delete text-align.
    Copy and place into theme directory or styles folder.
    5. Place both css into your child theme and link them to your style.css.
    ex. @import url("../childthemename/960.css);
    6. Open demo.html for 12-16 column or demo_24_colo.html
    8. Ex. Now Open single.php or index.php make copy into your child theme.
    (Note: If you are more advanced you can create a function to replace the contents of the original through your child theme function.php)
    7. Copy the HTML of the column size you want.
    Start with <div class="container_12">
    Finish with <div> <!--end.container_12-->
    Paste Into: index.php or single.php after header and before <div id="container">
    8. Select which column size you want, ex 460 and replace that div. Ex. <p> 460 </p> with the <php code> Ex. <div class="grid_6"><?php thematic_singlepost() ?></div>
    9. Do this for what ever php code you want. Any left over rows, you can delete.
    10. Do what you just did to any other page and you can see 960 taking effect.

    *To delete the border around every <p> just delete the border in (p id) in demo.css.
    *To delete the white background just go to demo.css and find edit the column css.

    One last reminder:

    Do an of 960 ID or Class conflict with the CSS provided by thematic? NO, not if you delete the ones I told you to delete

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