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  • Started 12 years ago by brandeluxe
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  1. brandeluxe

    I am brand new to using thematic... I'm a designer who knows CSS/HTML but I get how to use the hooks and filters for thematic.

    I need to add extra content to thematic, such as an ad area for my code. I'm totally confused about how to do this... I get that I need to use the function.php file (right?) but that's about it.

    So, my question is, how in the world do you add extra content to thematic (in the header, in the sidebar, etc...) that can then be styled by the css file? Please break it down into super simple format... remember I'm just a designer! I know next to nothing about PHP, Javascript or any of that.

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  2. i wrote this on another thread but it is true here too... you've got to be willing to get your hands dirty in php. fortunately if you arent hard-headed (like i am) and aren't looking to do anything too crazy there are increasingly more and more 'snippets' out there that you can just paste into you functions.php w/o needing to 100% understand them.

    here is a good tutorial on thematic and child themes:

    you really ought to start by reading some of the tutorials... they already explain how to generally add/remove stuff. when you have a more specific question / run into troubles we can help you more.

    in a round-a-bout way... thematic is a bunch of "hooks" and as wordpress runs through all the hooks it looks to see what is on each on and then executes that.

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  3. brandeluxe

    Thanks helga.

    Is there a list of these modifications anywhere neatly organized?

    So what would the php look like to add a box with some html into the header and another into the sidebar?

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  4. a list neatly organized? :) that is actually something that has come up a few times around here... getting a wiki going that is organized by what users aim to do. but it doesn't exist yet. there is more than 1 tutorial on thematic now. itself has a ton of good content. as do a bunch of other places. though i understand that can be overwhelming when trying to start out.

    this is a diagram that i find enormously helpful to figuring out where stuff is and what functions are going what.

    then the other thing i do is wade through the extensions folder in the thematic library. unzip thematic> library> extensions. that is the beating heart of thematic. never change anything there, but you can always look in there to see why things are behaving as they do and you can copy functions from there into your functions.php and mod them there.

    take this example

    function add_html_to_header() {

    it adds the function called 'add_html_to_header' to the thematic hook called 'thematic_header' in position #8... if you look at the diagram that means it is after the branding closes (after the logo and site descriptions). most of the time you don't use that number, but in the thematic_header there are other things already in a specific order... think of it as coats already on hooks, so you need to use an empty hook.

    adding something to the sidebar is the same concept... you define your function then use add_action to tell it where to go... using one of the many hooks (most of which are in the diagram)

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  5. When I first started working with Thematic the guide really helped out. Especially when it came to positions.

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