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  1. I have a designer replicating my current home page into Word Perfect, using a new child theme of Thematic. (Current home page used old table-based Nuke Evolution.) Apart from the Home Page, there will be six or so different page templates, some with and some without a sidebar. He writes:

    "Thank you for the information. That's a lot of different page layouts! I have to reiterate here that based on my experience I highly recommend using Headway.

    It can all be done with Thematic, but it's a real pain and everything has to be done manually. With Headway, page layouts can be created much easier (and faster) and you can have an unlimited number of page layouts and/or widget areas. It is amazingly flexible. And your separate scripts can be added to page layouts easily as well."

    Am I missing something here? I thought from reviews I had read that Thematic could do new page templates easy. Anyone care to comment on his remarks who knows both Headway and Thematic? Thanks.

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  2. Hi,

    don't know what your designer is talking about.

    Creating a new page template takes a couple of minutes. The existence of sidebars / widget areas can be controlled by a few lines of additional code in a child themes functions.php and if needed a few additional lines in the style.css (again only a couple of minutes). I'm not talking about the design, that's just what it takes to create the template file itself. Could take longer if you have a real complicated request.

    Headway seems to be a nice "point & click" and "drag & drop" solution for someone who's not used to dirty his hands. The results are nice but have a lots of XHTML errors.

    Thematic can be redesigned using CSS but for certain things you have to dirty your hands and create some additional PHP code. But that's not too difficult.

    If a designer know the basics about filters, action hooks, and WordPress template tags, it isn't a pain at all to create a child theme using Thematic.

    I would suggest to ask one of the designers listed over here for a quote. All of them are Thematic professionals.

    If Headway is so much easier and faster, the quote of your designer needs to be much lower :)


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  3. Thanks, Chris, you confirmed what I had read. I had previously asked the designers on your services page; only 3 replied and were too busy to help on my project. So I then went to to find a developer.

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