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  1. MarSOnEarth

    This isn't specifically about Thematic. I'm new to WP and will use Thematic to ease me through, but the question is general. The site I'm building for a couple of friends will use WP as a CMS. I'm struggling with deciding what facilities of WP are best to use to represent the content. There are the concepts of Pages, Categories, and Tags, and the site will have the usual About (there will be three; about the company, and about the two people involved), which seem to land to the Pages concept. But then each of the three "entities" (the company and the two people) will be (separately) involved in a number of projects. This seems to land to the Categories concept. What about Tags?
    And, what about the navigation? Thematic puts the Pages in the navbar, but the Categories in a sidebar, and given the above choices I'd like both be treated similarly, as a navbar. Am I going about it the right way? Could someone advise? I basically need to have the About pages, a page to display all the projects (for all three entities), and a page for each of the projects that would only hold the related to that project posts. A way to display all the projects an entity is participating in would be nice too. Thanks in advance.

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  2. @MarSOnEarth: This is probably a question best asked on the main forums, but if I've understood your question correctly, my (probably newbie) way of going about it would be:

    - Home
    - About (Page)
    -- The Company (Sub Page of About)
    -- Person 1 (Sub Page of About)
    -- Person 2 (Sub Page of About)
    - Projects (Category)
    -- Company (Sub Cat of Category?)
    -- Person 1 (Sub Cat of Category?)
    -- Person 2 (Sub Cat of Category?)

    So your menu dropdown would consist of a mix of pages and categories. There are probably plugins to help you mix the two, but to continue using the built-in Thematic menu -

    The first helpful link of the day is a tutorial by the wonderful Cozmoslabs regarding adding a category drop down to your menu.

    The second is from a comment posted on the CozmosLabs site by Devin where he explains how to add the category dropdown after the list of pages in the menu.

    So let's say a potential customer visits: if they want to look at all the projects as a collective, they can click on the main 'Projects' category link.

    If they want to view projects by Company, Person 1, Person2, they can click on the respective sub-category links.

    This means that when your friend makes a post about a project that involves e.g. the Company and Person 1, the post will sit in all the categories below:
    - Projects
    -- Company
    -- Person 1

    And for the About section, you can consider just creating a link to the individual categories on the respective 'About' page, or if you want to display the list of projects for each person on that page, maybe Google for a code snippet or have a look at the List Category Posts plugin.

    Hope this is helpful. I'm sure someone will correct me or come up with a better schema in the future :)

    p/s: I would personally use Tags (keywords) for displaying 'related projects' etc. in the sidebar, but some people do use tags to organise content in a far more advanced way.

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  3. MarSOnEarth

    @flick, thanks, especially for the Cozmoslabs links (that lead to more goodies as I started clicking, like this one (part I) and this (part II)). Being a newb I benefit even from the more basic posts (this one dealing with child theme install and development) as it gives a good overview of the workflow as an example I can follow. Good stuff and most helpful. Still much to digest but thank you for pushing me along.

    BTW, although this will require more discipline from the owners of the site (but also seems more natural), I'm leaning towards using Tags to associate content with the authors, and then filter on that on different pages. Oh, if only the dropdowns had a "Select whatever" placeholder.

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  4. @MarSOnEarth: Thanks for the feedback :) It would be very interesting to find out more about how the Tags method works for you as I understand that if use properly, it is an extremely powerful way of organising content.

    I think Cozmoslabs is brilliant!

    p/s: I'm being very silly here, but which dropdowns are you referring to?

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  5. MarSOnEarth

    @flick: Oh no, it was not only silly of me (with the shorthand) but also wrong with the whole last statement. A Category dropdown box does have a placeholder (a first, do-nothing, item on a list) "Select Category", which is what I want. I must have played with a Categories widget in a different theme that didn't have that, i.e. the first item was the first category, i.e. one had to re-select what seemed already selected (that first category already displayed in the box) in order to get the filter to work. That was sooo wrong ;-)

    In all, my biggest challenge so far has been coming up with a logical site navigation scheme that's consistent among all different types of pages, and one that uses the built-in facilities well (and that's the learning curve of WP/Thematic). I'm still not there (to the point that I think we'll have to change/relax some design constraints). Well, whatever it takes, and usability is King.

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  6. @MarSOnEarth: No worries at all - please kindly ignore all my awful typos as well.

    Re:Category dropdowns, I'm fairly certain that I've seen an option to define a 'default' category in the native WordPress options, so perhaps that was what you saw? If this isn't selected, I think normally posts just reside in the 'Uncategorised' category.

    Please do keep us/me posted re: your navigation scheme. :)

    You've probably already been through these, but perhaps some Portfolio related resources such as: the article by Smashing Magazine or WP Portfolio (plugin) or a list of 'essential' portfolio plugins posted on might be useful.

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  7. MarSOnEarth

    Thank you 'flick'. There's so much to read/make sense of and many (too many? ;-) choices to make. Your posts have clarified some of them and steered to other solutions I did not think about. Many thanks for making it all easier for me. We have settled down the design, and next week I'll start fleshing it out. This will be fun. It always is, huh? Of course I'll post the (link to) the results here (right after the 100's of new questions I'll have in the mean time ;-)

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