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autofocus +pro help!!!!!!

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  • Started 4 years ago by kgw1127
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  1. kgw1127

    all i want to do is set one page wider to display a nextgen gallery
    and i also want to hide or filter out the metadata links on the side of post
    it has this whole section of stuff on the right of post listed that i want to just hide
    i can delete it from the thematic functions.php but that changing the code of the theme i need help

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. dude your request is really unclear, which makes helping you difficult. but if you want a wider page, it sounds like you need a page template. check out devin's tut:

    Posted 4 years ago #
  3. kgw1127

    i was frustrated at the time, and i might not be using the proper terms please forgive me . What i would like to do with this theme i purchased is widen the page like i said earlier i tried using the tut , saturday but it didnt work . I am somewhat confused every tut i have tried did not work with this theme i bought , i can send you the whole theme if you like and maybe you can understand it .
    i want to have the post area for a page or for a single post to be as wide as the largest image the theme accepts , which is 800x600
    . for some reason the area i am talking about has a side bar built into it . here is a link to the demo of the theme i bought if you look at the pages and post style it has a sidebar to the right of the text and i just want it to go away this are is hard to figure out because i cant remove the sidebar no matter what i try please if you could help it would be so awesome

    Posted 4 years ago #
  4. i understand your frustration... we've all been there w/ different projects. but i don't know how you managed to arrive here. this forum is mostly for people who are using the Thematic theme framework to structure their child themes. so i hate to be unhelpful, but you either need to try getting support from where you bought the theme... or hire someone to make the changes you need.

    that said, here are a couple of tips:

    go to and install getfirebug. don't even try designing a website w/o it. using firebug i can see that the "Sidebar-y" things you want to get rid of are are in the divs named single-sidebar and entry-meta

    it still sounds like you are shooting for page/post templates... so Devin's tut is still relevant, but you can't copy his code since it is for a thematic site. you can go into YOUR theme and look at page.php and single.php . if they exist, they are responsible for the layout of any single pages and any single blog posts. remember if you go tweaking around in there to make a backup copy! after you get rid of the offending divs, you'll need to tweak the css on the entry-content div.

    i hate to sound salesy at all on a free support forum, but if you still need more help.. maybe we can work something out. sometimes the frustration is just not worth it. good luck!

    Posted 4 years ago #
  5. kgw1127

    well actually autofocus is a thematic child theme its just been beefed up , and i dont have a problem paying for what i need done i was just trying to learn a little more like i said before the site offers no support and points to this site for any help with thematic or child themes . Im pretty good with like basic code for wordpress themes i am just boggled buy this themes intricate coding plus i have never dealt with a setuplike this with a child theme and hooks , im new to it but i did use the link you gave me it seemed to work once i remove 3 hooks instead of the one mentioned . Only this is now i cant get the space for the text in the content section to widen and yes i think a post /page template is where i wanna go it sounds like you can fix my problem pretty quick i can offer 50 bucks via paypal i guessing its a couple of hours for you give or take i offering 10 bucks an hour with a 5 hour cap off plus i will give you the theme for free to pick through and learn from i bought it for 15 dollars and you can have a copy for free so think it over and i will keep hacking away . like i said i got the page to semi work i cant get the code for the style sheet right

    Posted 4 years ago #
  6. well hot damn... shows how much i was paying attention. i'd never heard of it before and didn't notice the little 'built on thematic' in the footer. <Facepalm>

    in terms of widening the content you need to look at the CSS for:

    #content .entry-content {
    margin:0 306px 0 0;

    there is a width AND a right padding that you'll need to adjust to get it to widen all the way out.

    if that doesn't help, then send me the theme files and a list of exactly which pages need editing and i will poke around for you. helgatheviking AT gmail DOT com

    Posted 4 years ago #
  7. kgw1127

    ok .get ready, you are not a viking, you are a viking god !!! there has got to be a place for you in Valhalla , thank you so much in like no time you helped with my problem . and opened my eyes as to the structure of how this works so now i think i can ask better questions .
    1. can i have more than one template for post styles
    2. do i need to make a hook to give me a button option to turn on and off the entry meta instead of just deleting the code
    3. can you do it and is 50 bucks enough to maybe tweak this a little if so let me know basically i want to have more selective options in posting and page layout i pretty much figured out how to do it with your help but i want to make sure i have clean code that doesnt interrupt the original child theme

    Posted 4 years ago #
  8. lol. thank you for all your high praise. i am glad i could help after all. it turns out all the tut i sent you to are for custom PAGE templates... which is a default WP capability. Custom templates for posts is not default w/ WP, which is where plugins come in. i am loathe to turn down $50, but this plugin might help you do exactly what you are aiming to do w/o me:

    if you want me to help with tweaking/creating some custom post templates i would happy to, just send me the theme files w/ instructions on the types of templates you are looking for.

    Blessings from Valhalla. :) Sköl!

    Posted 4 years ago #
  9. kgw1127

    that would be great i will send you the whole theme as payment let me sort out exactaly what i need and i will send the list to you its short and simple

    Posted 4 years ago #
  10. no problem. i am pretty sure that legally i cannot use the theme on a live site w/o purchasing my own license, but i do need to see it to help you.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  11. Hi,
    I'm new with wordpress and I'm trying to build my website with autofocus+pro. I would like to make some adjustment:
    1)delete the arrows to navigate in the website between one article to the other.
    2) I would like to manage the photo gallery, i would like to delete the space for the description of the photos and i would put the name of the gallery.
    My website is
    Could help me!!!????

    Posted 3 years ago #

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