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Best way to make IE Fixes

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  1. tbresch


    I'm attempting to make some IE fixes to a site I've just put up.
    I've looked into several methods of how to go-about doing this, but am still a bit lost...

    1. Creating a function with conditional tags for IE
    -I couldn't actually get this to work, though I suspect it's the proper way to go about it.
    -used this post as my reference:

    2. Direct modifications within my style.css
    -these did work, however I fear I'm abusing a 'quick-fix' rather than modifying it correctly.
    -used this post as my reference:

    If this is the right way to go about modifications, how many different selectors are available for (ex: body.ie5, .ie6, ie7 - anything for all ie?)

    I'm really looking for the most-efficient, scalable way to do this.

    All ideas and suggestions are appreciated.
    Thanks for your help!

    Posted 14 years ago #
  2. @tbresch: I've had a look at one or two really nicely done WordPress sites (based on Thematic) and I think the IE specific fixes are actually imported as separate stylesheets.

    As possible code example is given here I think:

    Posted 14 years ago #
  3. Look at the body class function: Thematic>library>extensions>header>dynamic-classes.php

    Thematic does employ bowser detection and assigns browser version specific body classes. Look at Currently Thematic will detect and assign for ie:



    Posted 13 years ago #
  4. azoomer

    Hi Gene I have read your comment a couple of times without really understanding it, but now it is starting to sink in (maybe). It is incredibly useful. Would something like this be the right way to go about it ?

    .ie8 #crown {background-color:#F00;}
    Posted 13 years ago #
  5. You got it now :) Using element ancestry to create a more specific declaration is what the dynamic body class is all about.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  6. azoomer

    Thanks ! This is going to make things a lot easier. Before I used, but this is much more practical. Amazing

    Posted 13 years ago #

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