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Brand N00b: Compatability, learning curve, worth it?

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  1. I used to use Wordpress 2.6 back in the old days and made my own theme.

    Now I wanted to put back up my music blog and have been overwhelmed with learning all the new stuff using Wordpress 3.0.1. I never used hooks, filters, actions or anything like that (and if I did, I didn't know I did.)

    Currently I have a fresh install of Wordpress 3.0 with TwentyTen (virgin) ~ I was working on a child theme for it when...

    ...My friend sent me to buy THESIS. I didn't buy it. But they said it offered flexibility for the future. With some research I came upon THEMATIC as well as HYBRID.

    I have some questions:

    1. Will Thematic take advantage of WORDPRESS 3.0 features? If not, what's not supported?

    2. Has anyone here used Thesis, Hybrid or TwentyTen extensively? What are the benefits of using Thematic over these (other than it being free)

    3. I saw (although I hardly understand) things like "thematic_header". Does this replace wp_header? If so, how does that effect plugin usage?

    4. I want to have my blog child theme be a 3 column {520}{200}{160} with another sidebar (360) spanning across the two on the right, as well as, 3 wigetized areas above the footer. Is this easy to implement? I don't see a child theme already doing this that I could work from.

    It seems that learning thematic is learning a lot beyond Wordpress, almost not native (am I wrong) so if I use it, a lot of the standard wordpress tutorials wouldn't apply. Am I wrong?

    If anyone could provide some though or insight. Mainly, I am concerned with investing a ton of time into a child theme on another framework only to hit a development ceiling. But I am also concerned that taking on learning thematic may make my blog take forever to go live: because I'd have to learn so much more.

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  2. blueblue

    Hi 0 , This forum alone has taught me a lot about wordpress, thematic ,css you name it. I suggest you take a look at these websites , aside from this forum and the themeshaper main site. << creating a child theme in just 3 hours. <<< learn about theme functions, adding a favicon , home page , internet explorer specific stylesheet, and so on. <<< another awesome thematic source website , check out his childthemes too , adding a search bar on the navbar, etc.

    A lot of people will help you here, sometimes the info you need is here in the forum , so save your money rather than buying thesis =) and use thematic

    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. I did figure out how to make a 3 column layout in thematic using the library files but I still have no understanding of how to include a header image, menu and so forth. How does it handle custom taxonomies and post types? Is Superfish superior to using the dev version with the Wordpress menus? See something I noticed is that there are lost of "register this" "unregister that" and code stuff that I barely understand. I'm a fast learner but overall I think I would be interested in changing navigation via the admin panel. What I like about TwentyTen is that it comes with Wordpress so I figure it's going to work the way Wordpress works. But I don't like that it lacks features that I can see myself expanding into so having that base covered already seems like the best idea. Thesis is costly though. :/ And I don't feel comfortable paying for something I am not sure works how I want it to. In real life, you can always bring something back you don't want. Digital goods you can't :( Justins looks more along the lines of getting me jumpstarted, but I can't even tell really because I can't access the forums until I pay.

    How about this question: Is it difficult to modify a TwentyTen Child Theme to work with Thematic?

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  4. I don't really know a lot about PHP and functions, filters and hooks in general. From finding the Thematic Theme Frame Work I've been able to get my site up to a state that I'm happy with. Dig through these forums and you'll find snippets of code that will help you along. As for adding a header image, you could use a little CSS and fix this code to suit where you want the image to be.
    #blog-title a {
    background:url(images/logo.jpg) no-repeat top left;
    width: 300px;
    height: 100px;

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  5. dear akismet, why won't you let me post my actual reply? i've only been on the forum for a year... do you think i'm still a spammer?

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  6. Helga - love you're site! I'm a super-heroin too :D

    Thanks for the advice and tips. I seriously appreciate it. I know I'm long winded with my posts.

    What I figured I'd do is try my BASIC Child Theme on TwentyTen so I know how I want it. Then I'm going to try to do it in Thematic (I've sort of been doing them side by side). I really hope I can get it to happen. I think I'll do them both and see where I smash my face first.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  7. idk why i am not allowed to post the full reply, but maybe i can do a short version:

    1. All WP3 features are easy to integrate w/ thematic

    2. Have toyed w/ Thesis and Canvas. The advantage is obviously in the Options Panel where you can control many, many aspects of your site from the WP dash w/o needing to know code. Personally I can recognize many thesis sites before seeing the site cred b/c they all look the same.

    3. thematic_header does not replace wp_header (i believe the latter calls the former) and so all plugins works. baring, of course, the occasional glitch you might have w/ any theme.

    4. this is doable. i did it recently, myself, when I was playing around w/ a theme design. thematic already comes w/ 3, 3-column layout options and so getting a widget area to span the 2 is all that is really left to you... there are posts on here about creating widget areas, or you could "re-purpose" an existing widget area you have no intent to use and move it to the thematic_abovemainasides hook

    Posted 9 years ago #

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