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Branding just plain missing in IE7

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  1. Love the theme obviously, otherwise why would I use it, but the entire branding/header section at the top is absent in IE7. It appears to be there in the source code but is a blank canvas in the browser. I normally work on a Mac and only just discovered it. The evil Mr. Gates strikes again.

    The site is here:

    Is The Master Coder there? Perhaps when they have the time they could take a quick and expert glance at the source of that page and see where MS went astray.

    The theme is mostly original apart from a header_aside placed on the right at the top.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  2. In fact it's thw whole header section, branding plus access divs that's missing in IE7. They are there in IE8 and every other browser so far as I know. It's very odd.

    Posted 13 years ago #
  3. I've fixed this although it's a hack. It's the header aside mentioned in this thread:


    Here is the code for making the header aside:

    // adding the widget area to your child theme
    function my_header_widgets() {
    if ( function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') && is_sidebar_active('header-aside') ) {
    echo '<div id="header-aside" class="aside">'. "¥n" . '<ul class="xoxo">' . "¥n";
    echo '' . "¥n" . '</div><!-- #header-aside .aside -->'. "¥n";


    which produces this in the page source code:


    <div id="header-aside" class="aside">
    <ul class="xoxo">
    <li id="text-671222353" class="widgetcontainer widget_text"> <div class="textwidget"><img src="http://www.mysite/home/wp-content/themes/personal/images/header.jpg"alt="Blog Name">
    </div><!-- #header-aside .aside -->


    In fact what you've got is an unordered list without a closing tag. I fixed this by adding the closing tag just after the url that points to the image I want:

    <img src="http://www.mysite/home/wp-content/themes/personal/images/header.jpg"alt="Blog Name">

    In other words I added the closing tag right inside the text widget using the admin interface.

    Nifty eh?

    Love to all. I can't bear to part with this theme. It's the font, balance, weight, colour scheme and general look of it which I enjoy. There's nothing quite like it.

    Posted 13 years ago #

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