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Changing HTML in a child theme?

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  • Started 11 years ago by rgregory
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  1. rgregory

    OK, I'm experienced at building web pages, and a standards nutter when I can be. I just started using Thematic and have a million questions, but I think most can be solved myself if I can just figure out this one question.

    I use images for branding and like to have a nice degradable solution. This involves an empty span in the title. The code from Thematic looks like this:

    <div id="blog-title"><span>/" title="<?php bloginfo('name') ?>" rel="home"><?php bloginfo('name') ?></span></div>

    I want my child them to look like this (with the span tags together):

    <div id="blog-title"><span></span>/" title="<?php bloginfo('name') ?>" rel="home"><?php bloginfo('name') ?></div>

    Can anyone explain to me explicitly how to achieve this? I have changed it manually in the editor on my current project, but I want to be able to upgrade thematic and not have to manually change this in the header.php every time.

    Thanks for any help, as this will allow me to understand the changes I want to make for my child theme.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. Hey,

    sounds as if you're changing the original thematic header.php. Copy the header.php to your child theme directory and change it there. Your header.php will then be protected against thematic upgrade.

    I have some plans to change this in a future release. Then you'll be able to do your modifications in your functions.php.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  3. This sounds great GURU!

    Posted 11 years ago #

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