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  • Started 9 years ago by blueblue
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  1. blueblue

    Hi guys, its me again, sorry if i keep on asking questions =( hope you dont get mad at me here.

    1.) Whenever i post a comment on my blog, it shows a blank page ( in firefox ) and in ie a 405 error. It all started when I messed up the functions.php file, i replaced the file with the default one in thematic, but now it can't be fixed. I even tried another theme and still the comments cannot be displayed. I asked my web host, if they could fix the problem but they said their programmers are working on it, it might be due to a server upgrade too. I'm not sure if I messed it up, or its a fault on their site, but how can I fix this ?

    2.) I want to remove the white line next to the About link in the menu, how do I do this ?

    Thanks again

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. Hi blueblue,

    1. Have you tried activating the default WordPress theme and commenting to as a control experiment to see if the issue is theme specific? Try to comment with a fresh install of thematic without your child theme activated as well.
    If the problem keeps persisting you could check your php error log or set errors to display On in your wp-config?

    2. Try:

    .sf-menu border none


    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. blueblue

    Hi em ,

    Thanks for helping again, the menu border is okay now.

    As for the comment, I tried to use another theme aside from thematic , it still has the same problem , the comments show a blank page. I checked my wp-config file or do I need to add some code like in this site >

    i noticed a file below the wp-config called wp-config.php_BAD , is this normal?

    Posted 9 years ago #
  4. ...Error 405 sounds like an issue with your web server not playing nice with WordPress.

    It's hard to say from where I'm sitting but here are a couple of stabs in the dark:

    -Is Askimet turned on or any other comment plugin for that matter?... If so turn it off see if the problem still exists?

    -Back up wp-comments-post.php from your wordpress core and delete any trailing whitespace or blank lines after the closing ?> from the original file. If the problem still exists revert to the back up you made.

    -Have yo made any changes to your .htaccess?... Back it up and try reverting to a blank copy.

    Check and see if you're server has an error log if so recreate the behavior and check the log otherwise adding @ini_set('display_errors','Off'); to your wp-config temporarily will give you some error reporting.

    The wp-config.php_BAD could be a server admin's edit... contact your host for more info on how that file was created.


    Posted 9 years ago #

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