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CSS file too big not loading in child theme styles.css

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  • Started 3 years ago by SunnyKwok
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  1. I've put all my custom styles into my thematic child theme's style.css. I can clearly see in my page source code that all the styles are loaded yet the css style is not reflected in the browser window. It seems the page is not loading the final portion of the style.css code, I find if I remove some sections of the css than it starts loading again. I've already compressed the file by removing white space so I'm at a loss at what is happening now. I've also looked into the div that SHOULD be loading but isn't using firebug and it doesn't even seem picking up its styling from the css file. The div that isn't loading its styles is #testimonial-home even though it has a direct reference in style.css.

    My website

    Styles in question not applying
    #testimonial-home {background:transparent url(images/bg-frame-bottom.jpg) bottom no-repeat!important; padding-bottom:5px; margin-bottom:20px}
    #testimonial-home h2 {background:transparent url(images/bg-title2.jpg) no-repeat!important; color:#078; font-size:150%; font-weight:normal; padding:14px 20px}
    #testimonial-home .quotation {padding:0 50px 0 0; color:#999; float:right; width:390px!important}
    #testimonial-home .Quote {font-size:70px; color:#CCC; line-height:0; margin:0; padding:30px 0 0 0; font-family:Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif}
    #testimonial-home .leftQuote {margin-bottom:120px; float:left; width:40px}
    #testimonial-home .author {font:normal 12px Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif; color:#089!important; font-style:italic; padding-left:40px; background:transparent url(images/gr-quotationBall.jpg) no-repeat}

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  2. it is referenced in the CSS, but at least on the homepage it isn't in the HTML markup. click view source and then search for testimonial-home. not there.

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