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Different style sheet for the blog page

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  • Started 12 years ago by RachelBateman
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  1. Hi. I have searched the forum and found a few things I thought would work, but none of them did. So I thought I would just ask.

    I have two different style sheets: style.css and style2.css. Both are in the 'Bateman' child theme of Thematic. My website ( is all static pages, save for the blog. Right now all my styles are coming from style.css. However, I need some different styles for the blog. How do I make it so style2.css applies only to the blog in my child theme?

    Thank you so much. I am fairly new to this, but have been able to figure everything else I need out by searching this forum. This is the one thing that just won't work no matter what I try.

    Posted 12 years ago #
  2. Doh!

    I was trying to make it way too hard. Never mind-I figured it out.

    I don't need to link to a whole new css. I just put in the .page tag on my css for the styles that need to be different for my pages and let the basic stay with my blog (hopefully that made sense-it has been a long day).

    Posted 12 years ago #

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