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Do you think the Thematic menu is intuitive for all users?

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  • Started 8 years ago by Dominor Novus
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  1. Dominor Novus

    The problem:
    The default Thematic navigation menu for WordPress consists of links to parent pages and a sub-menu that drops down for the respective child pages. It's been pointed out to me that it's not obvious that the primary (parent) links are selectable i.e. when the drop down child page links appear the user apparently might disregard the primary link to the corresponding parent page.

    My question:
    In my mind, the default navigation menu set-up is semantic, intuitive and best practice. To the non-technically inclined mind, is the menu intuitive enough? i.e. will all users observe the parent link or do I need to reprogram the menu?

    Potential solutions:
    - It's been suggested to me that I reiterate the parent links in the drop down menu. This seems like terribly bad practice and breaks the overall semantics of the menu.It's my opinion that the selectivity of the parent page links are already implied by the hover state.
    - Using CSS to more obviously imply the selectivity of the parent page links.
    - Reprogram the menu altogether.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. since WP 3.0 you can make any kind of custom menu you'd like. i tend to avoid drop-downs if i can, but that's just me.

    of your 3 'solutions' i'd lean heavily towards the 2nd.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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