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doctitle separator filter

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  1. Goran


    I'd like to propose that you - for a future release - add a filter to the doctitle separator, that's currently ' | '. I know I can write my child function and change it, or replace the string with the thematic_doctitle filter, but something like

    $separator = apply_filters('thematic_doctitle_separator', $separator);

    would be just much cleaner and simpler. Hope you give it a thought.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. Hi,

    will be included :)


    Posted 11 years ago #
  3. good to see you posting chris!

    Posted 11 years ago #
  4. :)

    Btw., I started to play with Git.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  5. Git Repo is up and running. Now I have to learn how to control that beast. ;)

    Posted 11 years ago #

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