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Errors making changes to Thematic Feature Site functions.php

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  • Started 10 years ago by kw
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  1. kw

    Hello, I recently purchased the Thematic Feature Site and have been customizing it. For the most part I've been able to do everything I need using css, but I can't get the footer to extend to the bottom of the page. I found this thread on sticky footers:
    But when I add the code for the functions.php I get syntax errors all over the website. i.e.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in [myserverinfo]/functions.php

    I've also had a hard time doing anything in the functions.php so I haven't been able to add any other functions. I have tried a handful of other edits in function.php like adjusting the random feature info and using some script from the forums to implement a logo instead of header text, all of which result in errors. I've found workarounds for those things but not for the sticky footer issue.

    So my questions...
    When I add code to functions php where do I add it?
    What's a parse error and how do I fix it?
    Is there any other way to do a sticky footer using css (without absolute placement)?

    Posted 10 years ago #
  2. Hi kw-

    1. When you add code to your functions.php add it any where between the opening <?php and the closing ?>
    2. A Parse error comes from using incorrect syntax. Fixing it means using correct syntax. Not the most helpful of answers I know but the reality is PHP is not very forgiving. This may help you gain a better understanding for the basics
    It is most likely you are missing a ; at the end of a line or missing a ) or you have and extra } in your code somewhere. If you continue to have issues with it post the code from your functions.php here and I'll take a look at it.
    3. I dont have a good answer for the sticky footer issue. Sorry.


    Posted 10 years ago #
  3. kw

    I had been editing functions.php in Microsoft's Notepad, and found that once I used an HTML editor (CoffeeCup), that I didn't get errors when I added stuff to functions.php, so that is resolved.

    Still, the sticky footer script I referred to above isn't working for me, but I'll take that up in that thread. Thanks for your help em hr!

    Posted 10 years ago #

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