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Example Thematic Child Themes

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  • Started 12 years ago by sixfootjames
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  1. Hi,

    Thematic is a very new development process I am trying to implement and I have been through most of the documentation which has been wonderful so far.

    Being completely new to me and it being a new learning curve for me, I do tend to learn quicker by example and I was hoping that someone might have a Thematic Child Theme example specifically with different page layouts that I might see how this is done please?

    Ideally, if someone has a WP database along with the child Thematic themes so that I can see how content is pulled out onto different pages i.e. The Home page, The About Page, The Blog Page, a List and Details page that would be wonderful.

    Many thanks and much appreciated!

    Posted 12 years ago #
  2. if you aren't willing to do a google search for free thematic child themes, just look at Thematic itself. home and about would both be run by the page.php template. index.php and archive.php are both archives (lists)

    most child themes don't overwrite those templates anyway (though they could). you can always use some Wordpress dummy content which is also available via google search

    Posted 12 years ago #
  3. Hi Helga,

    Not that I am unwilling to Google search, that's the very first thing I always do :). I guess what I was looking for is someone who's completely built a website using WordPress as a CMS. I come from a Joomla, Sitefinity, DNN background and done a couple of WordPress sites. This however is the first time I am delving much deeper into WordPress and needed something to go by.

    As it turns out, I managed to find one of the other guy's forum posts of how they copied over the template-page-blog.php and template-page-fullwidth.php into their child theme and that worked!

    Apologies if it seemed lazy, I am reading and I am tinkering and getting it right but deadline's looming and needed a "best practice" example of Thematice with chld theme example.

    (could someone remove the post above and delete that user who is spamming the forums!)


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  4. noticed that guy is crazy spamming all the posts. le sigh. if we ever get moved over to our new site then i will have the mod capabilities to block that. akismet has blocked posts of MINE, but that drivel gets though. i dont get it sometimes.

    appreciate your willingness to learn. if you stay long enough you start to see a lot of folks wanting the forum to do the work for them for free, same questions being asked repeatedly, etc. it can be frustrating.

    i still don't really follow what you need a sample child theme for? or database content. db content isn't any different at all and thematic comes with a very blank/basic child theme in a sub-folder of thematic. have you read some of the basics of child theming?

    As it turns out, I managed to find one of the other guy's forum posts of how they copied over the template-page-blog.php and template-page-fullwidth.php into their child theme and that worked!

    that is basic WP template hierarchy.

    any version of a WP template file (header.php, index.php, page.php, etc) will first look in the child theme folder and failing to find it there will then fall back to the parent theme's version.

    feel free to ask away w/ more specific questions. and as an unsolicited tip using google's site search. go to and in the search bar search your search query

    the built-in search here kind of sucks, but there is a ton of material here if you know how/where to look


    Posted 12 years ago #
  5. Thanks Helga,

    I get the basics of any CMS system. You have your DB, your HTML/Css and "Token" replacements that pull the content from the DB.

    I've now been through a couple of YouTube vids too so I am seeing how simple skinning the WordPress site is possible. So I am working on that.

    I will close this one off and thank you for all your tips. If I now get stuck on another topic and cannot find what I am looking for, I will post again. ;)

    Many thanks,

    Posted 12 years ago #
  6. I guess what you could do, is round up all the FAQ's and just point those people to the question being asked. ;)

    Posted 12 years ago #

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