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  • Started 13 years ago by lqunta
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  1. lqunta

    Greetings All,

    Have been chasing after my own tail for close to 12 hrs now, some other perspective will most definitely be welcomed. Trying to implement a custom 'home' layout with thematic [ have limited knowledge of thematic, and PHP ].

    So far, I'm trying to filter the 'home' or 'index page' thematic loop so that I have a rather custom way of showcasing my content [ see code below ].

    I would like the custom loop to:
    - Display the Category Title
    - Display the Category Image/ Thumbnail
    - Display a listing of the 3 most recent articles in the following format [ Post Title, Post Thumbnail, Excerpt ]

    Code Follows

    <!-- 1st column -->
    <div class="grid_8">
    <!-- begin spacing/icon div -->
    <div class="icon pngfix">
    <h2>Category Title One</h2>
    <img class="frame" src="style/img/stock-image.jpg" alt="Category Image" />
    Category Description - Sint porro tantas nam ad, an eius nihil has. Aperiri expetenda conclusionemque in duo, no cum sumo possim debitis, no quo ferri menandri.

    <img src="style/img/btn-read-more.png" alt="read articles in this category..." />


    <!-- begin image list -->
    <ul class="imglist">
    <!-- 1st item -->

  2. <h4>Most Recent Article Title</h4>
    <img src="style/img/stock-thumb1.jpg" alt="Post Image Thumbnail - Aligned Left" />
    Post Excerpt - Duo latine verterem delicatissimi eu, quo ad eros malis disputando, pri unum adipisci inciderint an.
  3. <!-- end 1st item -->
    <!-- 2nd item -->

  4. <h4>Second Most Recent Article Title</h4>
    <img src="style/img/stock-thumb2.jpg" alt="Post Image Thumbnail - Aligned Left" />
    Post Excerpt - In aeque partem sensibus ius, quaeque voluptaria dissentiunt ei pro. Clita viderer appellantur his te.
  5. <!-- end 2nd item -->
    <!-- 3rd item -->

  6. <h4>Third Most Recent Article Title</h4>
    <img src="style/img/stock-thumb3.jpg" alt="Post Image Thumbnail - Aligned Left" />
    Post Excerpt - Ei etiam nostrud eam, brute facilisis voluptatibus mel cu, eam cu diceret definitionem conclusionemque.
  7. <!-- end 3rd item -->
    <!-- end image list -->
    </div><!-- end begin spacing/icon div -->
    </div><!-- end 1st column -->

    Is it possible to replicate the above loop multiple times on the same page?

    Well, I think I should re-stock on coffee

    Looking forward to learning by doing :P [ all tips, pointers, code-snippets, explanations are welcomed ]

Posted 13 years ago #
  • bronwyn

    I'd better watch this post! I want to know how something similar is done -- what I want to do is:

    - post
    - post
    - post
    - post

    and so on. Posts to include would have a particular tag or category, but the number per category/tag would be variable. I think what I'm looking at is two custom loops with the same basic structure and logic, but different conditions on each one...

    These links seem useful for this:

    Posted 13 years ago #

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