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First try at fluid design - what do you think

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  • Started 10 years ago by jrobben
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  1. hi,
    This is my first shot at fluid design. Most of (all?) of the child themes I have seen for thematic were fixed width, so this is a remake of theseus child theme. Far from done but I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you have. Here is what I am working on,

    Posted 10 years ago #
  2. First off I noticed that you used a lot of different colors all over the place, I prefer to just use two or three colors and stick to those but that's just me. Next, I get some sort of aliasing on the RSS button on the left side. The flourish under the home link is a different color than the home link itself, and it's wrapping around on the footer.

    On the blog tab, the images go past the end of the post container and there's a padding issue when using an ordered list. Inside a blog post, you've got padding issues between the header and content and the comment div and the comments themselves; not to mention the Gravatars seem to float too far up.

    On the other tabs, the flourish looks out of place to me and you've still got a padding issue, and the position of the retweet box and the register button conflict.

    Finally, I think the search bar blends in to the background a bit too well, I'd try to make it stand out more.

    All-in-all it's not a bad start, it's got a while to go before it gets really good but since most of my issues pop up everywhere you'll probably just have to change one CSS value to fix them all.

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  3. Thanks for the comments,

    I do tend to using more than a few colors, but I may drop the green shades or the blue shades before I am done.

    I think the RSS button prob, is due to 2 images being loaded and not quite align. I will figure out how to delete one.

    Not sure what this referred to

    The flourish under the home link is a different color than the home link itself, and it's wrapping around on the footer.

    the post image issue, I figured that it would be addressed when posting, once enough text to wrap around the image is entered the overflow problem goes away. might try a min height on the container though. currently add the padding when posting an image, but might try a default padding in css.

    Just got the thread comments to show up at all last night, the theseus theme I started with did not recognize them at all, there is still alot of styling needed in comments.

    I have not been able to figure out how to access and style the author vcard selector to fix the avitar issue may just have to get rid of them.

    LOL . I had not even looked at the forum page,since I loaded the plugin and got it working. I will probably figure out a way to drop retweet off the forum. or relocate in the title section on all of the pages/posts. Not sure I am going to keep the retweet plugin.

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  4. By the flourish I mean the decoration under the home link that drops toward the content div, and the similar decoration that is to the top right of the Pages div that happens twice along that same "line".

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