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get rid of subsidiaries on certain page templates

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  • Started 11 years ago by j.dalen
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  1. Can someone help me modify the above code to get rid of subsidiaries on certain page templates? I have already moved the subsidiary section under _belowmainasides (so it is within the main container, above the footer). The website under development is You'll see the subsidiaries on the home page but want to get rid of the empty space on subsequent pages.

    I tried the below, but it's incorrect:

    // filter thematic_subsidiaries ... switch off on certain page templates and blog page
    function remove_belowmainasides() {
    // We test if we are on the front page
    if (is_page('standard') or is_single()) {
    // Yes, we are .. leave on
    return TRUE;
    } else {
    // we are not .. switch off
    return FALSE;
    // Connect the filter to thematic_subsidiaries()
    add_filter('thematic_belowmainasides()', 'remove_widget_area_subsidiaries');

    The dev site is

    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. him

    just reduce the footer height, and i think you will take care of the empty space. Works in firebug on your site.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  3. that code looks familiar to me.... though i am not sure thematic_belowmainasides is the right hook (i just dont remember off the top of my head right now). but try it again w/ fixing ehe error in your add_filter

    // Connect the filter to thematic_subsidiaries()
    add_filter('thematic_belowmainasides()', 'remove_widget_area_subsidiaries');

    should read

    // Connect the filter to thematic_subsidiaries()
    add_filter('thematic_belowmainasides', 'remove_widget_area_subsidiaries');

    note- the no () in the function names.

    you will catch errors like that if you use a text editor w/ syntax highlighting like notepad++, which is free. you should also turn on error reporting in your wp-config.php file as i'm surprised that one didn't kick up a php error w/ unexpected ) characters. open it, search for WP_DEBUG... it is currently set to false. set it to true while you are in development.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  4. thanks for the debugging tip! But still not sure how to 'hide' the subsidiaries area I created on the home page template, on the other page templates that I've created. Is there a way to call a page template into the css stylesheet?


    .main_pagetpl #subsidiary {

    I found this link which points me in the right direction...can someone help me figure out how to add a class to #main within this loop in the page template?


    // calling the header.php

    // action hook for placing content above #container


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  5. if you didn't mess w/ it you should have a whole slew of body classes

    for instance here is a page that is using a template called magazine on a page of mine:

    <body class="wordpress blogid-1 y2010 m09 d01 h09 home singular slug-blog page pageid-218 page-author-kathy page-comments-open page-pings-open page-template page-template-template-magazine-php windows firefox ff3">

    you will notice that there IS already a body class for a page that is using a page-template AND one for the specific template itself.

    if your template file is called template-home.php then your CSS would look like:

    .page-template-template=home-php #subsidiary {
      display: none;
    Posted 11 years ago #
  6. perfect. thanks for the tip and feeling a bit foolish for not using View source on the pages to check for body classes generated. Thanks for your help, this is a very good tidbit of info for all future projects as well!

    Posted 11 years ago #
  7. cool. don't forget to mark this as resolved. there is totally a way to do this w/ functions and actually REMOVE the content versus just hiding it, i just can't figure it out quickly. even though gene has explained it to be several times i always struggle w/ the template conditionals.

    Posted 11 years ago #

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