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Getting Rid of Content in #Content

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  • Started 11 years ago by zella
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  1. zella

    I am trying to quickly get a custom theme up and running with themeshaper. Everything is pretty well except the #content area. I have fixed the home page, and I have a blog page set to post. What I want is for the content of the home and blog area to be separate. Thusly in home I may end up just using a background design for the content area, and for the blog area have the title and etc., different.
    So my question is how do I do this? I have little css and no php skills, so my solution to the problem was this kind of pseudo code;

    php- if (is_page(ID))

    obviously this isn't correct, but I do not understand how to make this problem work.
    Any help is appreciated!

    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. proto

    Hello Zella,

    If I understand correctly you want a homepage that displays quite differently to your blog page? The content of home and blog can be separate if you go to your dashboard > settings > reading and then set your front page and post page. From reading above it sounds like you might have done this already?

    QUICK SOLUTION (Limited, but some options)

    1: Two thoughts, you can set your homepage as any page that you've created, and have the content you'd like there. Additionally, you can choose if you'd like the content to display, default (with sidebar) or full width by selecting the page template from the dropdown on the right-hand side when you're editing or creating a page. You could then target the CSS of the page that you set as the homepage and add a background image to the content area. Use / install firebug for firefox if you want to quickly identify which CSS elements / ID's or classes you need to change.


    2: Before you proceed I would read this on why you should develop your website as a child theme: If this scenario is what you want you will need some php coding knowledge. There's a free sample child theme that comes with the Themeshaper download, take a look inside the file and find the file called "thematicsamplechildtheme".

    If you're already using a child theme then you can skip that link above! For a magazine style homepage (think New York Times style, etc) you would then need to create a home.php file and use a loop to display anything that you wanted. Often people copy the native Themeshaper "index.php" file and then adjust to their display needs through a custom loop and then save that adjusted file as "home.php". Explaining custom loops and homepages is beyond the scope of a simple forum answer but if you can let us all know what you're wanting to do exactly, eg Homepage shows no content but just a background image and then a separate page is a more traditional blog, we can let you know what you might need to consider.

    I hope the above helps Zella.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  3. zella

    Thank you very much Proto. But your second explanation is actually what I'm going for. I already did the first. What I want is what you described: a home page that is just a custom made background image in the #content and then a separate blog page that is traditional, allowing posts in the #content area.

    I am using a child theme.

    I am willing to learn php to have this done (in fact if you have any tutorials I can go to to learn php for wordpress I would be very receptive) however I need to get this website up and running soon so if you can suggest a possible solution I would be very grateful.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  4. easiest way would be to create a custom page template and assign it to your static home page.

    you can copy thematic's page.php into your new custom template and then comment out thematic_content() and that should remove the content.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  5. proto

    Hello Zella,

    I think helgatheviking's solution may be easiest if you're new to loops etc? You could remove content as Helga says by commenting out the thematic_content and put your image there and then set your homepage in the dashboard > settings > reading section.

    As an aside, if you're interested in loops and tutorials etc, one free option is to google them. It sounds like you're pressed for time in which case Helga's link should really help.

    If you're wanting to learn more about loops etc?

    The way I learnt about loops was via a book, the one I purchased was "Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog" by Thord Daniel Hedengren. I can't say this is the best book out there, Helga or someone else may recommend something else, but that taught me about custom loops with wordpress etc... Time and ease may dictate you go for Helga's option?

    Good luck!

    Posted 11 years ago #

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