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here is what i have so far but i do have one question

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  • Started 12 years ago by David
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  1. Using a child theme.

    I gave up on children in the main menu since styling that menu was beginning to be a nightmare to a n00b like me.

    What would really be nice is a place for all of us n00bs to have little commented snippets of css code page or repository sticky type place.

    What would really help me, and the rest of us n00bs, is a fully commented default.css and we would be on our way to dice, hack, slash and burn our few pages mostly on our own.

    I mean commented out to the point of it being childish to be honest. Treat us like 10 year olds that only know how to read and have to follow things like, well, something like this:

    find test bed here
    main site here

    I did go bit overboard with the comments since i added most for people here as i know most of what is down there now......

    /* removes blog title and slams it out of the picture but keeps it for search engine compat and adds image to header that you can style yourself*/

    #blog-title a {
    background:url(images/header.png) no-repeat top center; /* replace images/header.png */
    display:block; /* leave this i assume*/
    text-indent:-9000px; /* leave this */
    width: 900px; /* this is changeable to whatever floats your boat i guess*/
    height: 198px; /* this is changeable to whatever floats your boat i guess*/

    /* gets rid of white space around header around Top Right Bottom and Left pixel padding you can change to suit your page */

    #branding {
    padding:8px 0px 8px 0px;

    /* centers text if used with <h1 class="center"> </h1> for example */

    .center {text-align: center;

    /* re-define base font-face and size...text grey */

    body, input, textarea {
    font-family:"Trebuchet MS", Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
    font-size:15px; /*

    /* apply a background color to the whole page */
    body {
    background-color: #FFFFFF;

    /* apply a background image to the content area */
    /*#main {background-image: url(images/a+bg.png);}*/

    /* common text styles ...grey text*/
    .main-aside a{
    text-decoration:none;/* links on both primary and secondary are not underlined */
    .main-aside a:active, .main-aside a:hover {
    text-decoration:underline; /* but they are underlined on mouse over */

    /* links on primary are grey */
    #primary a{
    #primary a:active, #primary a:hover{
    /* links on secondary are grey */
    #secondary a {

    /* change the hover color of all general links on main page and children of parents in the menu as well */
    a:active, a:hover {
    color: red

    /* remove the default border around #primary aside */
    #primary {

    /* same width of #main to have menu left-aligned with it */
    .menu {

    /* change font style for the menu */
    .sf-menu {

    /* visited link parent menu color but not a child of the parent???*/

    .sf-menu a, .sf-menu a:visited {

    /* style the bullets in a widget text area UL <ul style="list-style:none"> i am a tech not a designer */

    Change hoverintent.js from 100 to 1 to increase the hover reaction time over the menu to make children of parents appear faster

    (function($) {
    $.fn.hoverIntent = function(f,g) {
    // default configuration options
    var cfg = {
    sensitivity: 7,
    interval: 1,
    timeout: 0


    Those are the changes i made and i kept them all in one place but i would have never known how to do most of that on my own. I had to read about where those snippets were and to trial and error my way through it.

    I can, almost, get my head around most of the CSS such as the UL,LI, div's, style, span and some attributes as that carries over from HTML. But when i start dealing with lots and lots of classes that are in the menu my head starts spinning a bit more than i am used to.

    This is why a place for stupidly commented code snippets for child themes would be nice to have.

    I am sorry to say this peeps but there are lots of us that are not going to be here too much after changing our static pages. Once we get them looking like we want to since we do not blog or do not want to blog we are going to leave them till they either break or we move on. We will progress no further knowledge-wise and do not want to become designers. Most of us have other jobs and this is a hobby or something to increase awareness of their skill set. I am quite happy with the minmal look on my page and there is not much more i want to do to that other than dress it up some more.
    Then i will start on another.

    I am not one of these people but then again i am only doing it because i like it and can do some things and dont mind hacking my way through a few things. Others will only come here for help or when things go wrong regardless of what a nice place this is. So this is why i think a place for commented CSS would come in handy.

    The first thing i noticed how the styles were not commented at all other than main sections such as header, footer ect..

    ok, i think that about does it for now so cheers for the snippets i found and was able to utilize

    Posted 12 years ago #

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