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hidden database?

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  • Started 9 years ago by lastraw
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  1. I was lazy and did a 1 click install for a client on When I went in the control panel to back up the database before moving the site to the root, I found I couldn't access it, tech support said it was hidden. My question is should I create another database and rebuild the site, and if I do, could I use the export/import tools to do that?

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  2. this is a little bit beyond me, but you can definitely export/import databases. can you unhide the db?

    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. If its beyond you image how far it is beyond me! *insert confused dog-head tilt*

    here is my latest email from them (it doesn't show up on the left side btw, and I installed it using the one step install provided):

    You should be able to manage and access the PHP admin in the membertools underneath the "Databases" link on the left side. It will not be visible there however unless you made the database with us using our tools. If you or someone else had made the PHP database manually on I imagine it would be somewhere in your web directory with us (/home/www_pages/deperno/ but I wouldn't be able to say exactly where that would be as we would of had no part in making the PHP databse. I hope this helps!

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  4. sorry i still don't think i can help, but if you don't have anything really valuable in it then i'd just make a new one. shouldn't your wp-config.php file say the name of the DB? that might give you a hint as to where it is?

    you can also do a backup and restore of the DB using the wp-dbmanager plugin. also create for scheduling backups. you could run into a problem though after you've ported the db in this way of the site url in the DB being incorrect and you'll need to go in manually and change that before you can log in again.

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  5. wp-dbmanager worked this time! I was also able to update automatically to 3.1 which I couldn't before. Maybe they updated something. Thanks again HTV.

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  6. well yay. don't forget to mark as resolved.

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