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Hide "upstream" framework files from theme editor

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  • Started 10 years ago by mrsteveman1
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  1. mrsteveman1

    Can't find an answer to this here or elsewhere so here goes.

    I'm getting into generating fairly complex thematic child themes lately, for my own projects and for clients, and i've come to dislike sifting through the 25+ files that show up in the theme editor when I (or a client) are editing the child theme in the Wordpress theme editor. it's not obvious which ones are "cloned" and sitting in my child theme folder, and which are actually just part of thematic, they both show up in the editor. I'm worried that clients or perhaps even I will end up editing one of them one day, and an upgrade will wipe out changes. In other words, if I or a client actually WANT to edit thematic directly, i want to have to manually select the thematic theme in the dropdown box, and edit that, instead of seeing all the "upstream" thematic files as if they were in my child theme folder.

    So is it possible to hide the thematic php files that are not actually part of my child theme while in the theme editor?

    There must be a wordpress function that knows to include the upstream files in the editor list, and perhaps that can be hooked somewhere? If not in a child themes functions.php file, perhaps in a plugin? (I looked, haven't found one of those either)

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