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Hiding elements with CSS

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  • Started 13 years ago by killtheliterate
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  1. I'm wondering why it is so often suggested to hide unwanted page elements using CSS and display:none. Isn't this a bad practice? I typically don't think a whole lot about SEO --- not really my thing. But I've read it's bad to have hidden content.

    Also, for instance, if I use this method to hide duplicate entry-title tags within the thematic feature site theme, won't I still take an SEO hit for having duplicate content?

    I'm just curious. I definitely recognize that using this method is vastly easier. I have a lot of trouble writing php functions, and I assume most people are better with CSS than php. [em]But[em] if thematic is a template designed to teach people php and Wordpress, wouldn't using functions.php resolve these things? I see a lot of people posting "just use CSS", but it seems to defeat the purpose.

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