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How do I replace post from home page and swap in custom content?

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  • Started 11 years ago by perryb
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  1. Hello all,

    This is my first of what I imagine will be many queries about the excellent Thematic theme on this forum.

    I am trying to build a child theme with a static homepage using only functions.php and style.css.

    I have worked out how to test if the front page is up (using is_front_page) and to add extra content, plug in output and so on. I have also learned elsewhere on this forum how to switch off the sidebar for this page.

    The thing is I'm not having much luck with the post content.

    Ideally I would like a clean slate on the home/front page so I can position post content using my own divs to my liking: ie no static page post or sidebar.

    I know I could create my own front page template to achieve this easily enough but I decided that I wanted to do it the hard way ;)

    I like the idea of keeping all the layout in functions.php to make it easier to upgrade in future.


    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. Hi Perry,

    could you please give me an idea how this new markup should look like?!


    Posted 11 years ago #
  3. Hi there - I'll try and make this as brief as possible ;)

    I have set up Wordpress so the home page is static and the blog is on an "internal" page (using the General Settings/Reading options in the admin dashboard).

    Now, looking at the page.php template in the Thematic theme folder I want to be able to remove the static page post content that appears between <?php get_sidebar('page-top') ?> and <?php get_sidebar('page-bottom') ?>

    (As an aside, what do these two bits of code do in page.php? It seems counter intuitive to me that a call for the sidebar appears before and after the main content and before <?php thematic_sidebar() ?>)

    I then would like to insert my own divs and includes in any layout I choose. I want to do this using only functions.php and style.css in my child theme folder.

    Is that possible or am I just better off creating a custom homepage template (which would be simple enough to do)?

    I hope that is clear.

    I am standing in the foothills of the PHP learning curve mountain so I apologise if my jargon is incorrect.

    All the Best

    Posted 11 years ago #

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