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How do you make category pages appear under their tab in a custom menu?

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  1. You can add a Category to the custom menu which is great but as soon as you click that link the menu highlights your Blog tab (as opposed to highlighting your category X tab which I argue would be more desirable and logical from a users POV).

    Is there any child theme conditional magic that can be done to render a specific category archive page so that it actually appears under the relevant menu tab (and perhaps conversely hide all of those category X items so they don't appear in your Blog either)?

    Posted 10 years ago #
  2. Hi perryb,

    Look closer at the id's and classes applied to the new menu system. Here is an example. Your case may require more styling to achieve the desired effect.

    Assuming that you have a front-page set and a "posts" page set as a page named "blog". With the default Thematic stylings, you'll want to remove the bottom border for the "blog" when on category archives.

    #menu-item-*.current_page_parent { border-bottom:none }

    with the * replaced by the nunmber shown in your source; and then give the active state look to the category when on those archives:

    `.current-menu-item.current-category-ancestor { border-bottom-color:#FFFFFF; }

    I'm not certain that this addresses you case but at least it'll point you in the right direction. The attributes are there it's up to you to style them overriding what default styles are already loaded.


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  3. Thanks Gene - I was thinking purely along the lines of generating and displaying content by manipulating the template. Much simpler to target the CSS really.

    I would like to try and work out a solution using template functions though I imagine this might be problematic, especially as the custom menus side step Wordpress's information architecture. I presume you can't make conditions based on the name of a custom menu tab.

    I notice that you can include as many duplicate tabs as you like in the custom menu: its a pity that once you add a blog tab to your menu that under the options you can't filter for specific categories.

    That way you could have multiple tabs dedicated to various categories (or even taxonomies, tags etc).

    As it stands custom menus are great for presentation but don't help much with content generation. If they were to move in this direction I think they could be a very powerful feature indeed.

    Posted 10 years ago #

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