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Is Thematic right for me?

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  • Started 10 years ago by ThomasOwens
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  1. ThomasOwens

    Hi. I'm fairly new to the WordPress scene, especially theming, but I'm deploying my personal website using WordPress. In regards to a theme, I'm looking for something that provides me with the framework and tools that I need to get off the ground in order to produce a high-quality theme built around highly semantic HTML and CSS, and it looks like the Thematic theme framework might provide that.

    However, before I jump in and start using it, I want to know what kinds of community resources are out there. I don't want my work to be a hack-n-slash kind of job - I want the theme that I develop to be a strong theme that, once finished (or at least solid enough), I can give back to the community. I also want to work with that community to ensure that my theme can be modified or extended by others as needed when doing their own work.

    What kind of community support can I expect from the Thematic community? What I'm looking for is regular email, IRC, or forum activity that I can use to get help, both technical and stylistic, when developing my theme. Does the Thematic community provide what I need - can I get timely help, assistance, and feedback throughout this process?


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  2. Hi Thomas. Thematic has a big learning curve in terms of filters and hooks and child theming, which makes it more difficult to work with on a first project. I'd suggest starting with Ian Stewart's Toolbox ( or Elliot Jay Stalks Starkers ( as a base theme- where it's very easy to change individual templates directly.

    In terms of re-releasing to the public, all Thematic themes are child themes, which currently aren't included in the WordPress repository (if that's where you were wanting to release it). They can be released though on your own though.

    The support provided in this forum is excellent (in my opinion) and taught me a lot- but it is all volunteer. There's no guarantee each and every question will be answered (though we try), and it sometimes might take a couple days.

    If you do decide you want to start learning a framework- it sounds like you'd probably want paid support. Justin Tadlock's Hybrid is an excellent framework as well, and he has paid support available (link).

    That said, Thematic is a wonderful platform to work with. If you do decide to try it out we'll all help you out the best we can.

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