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<p> additions.... and other mysteries

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  1. srf-pth

    I posted in another thread some questions about eliminating white space on this page: (password: thematic)

    Thanks to one poster's help (and using Firebug) I've discovered that the white space issue is the result of a few <p>'s being added in the div class .entry-content, as well as 22px of padding in div class .entry-content.

    I would be satisfied if I could simply delete the <p>'s, but I can't seem to figure out how they're getting placed.

    And eliminating the 22px of padding in div class .entry-content seems to do two things I don't want it to:

    1) It makes global changes, which makes other pages look bad. I *only* want to make changes to this page.

    2) Since div class .entry-content is found in default.css, it means I'm modifying the Thematic CSS instead of a child theme, which I understand is a no-no.

    Any ideas?

    Posted 10 years ago #
  2. 1. if this is the only page you want to mod the .entry-class padding on... then use one of the body classes to make it more specific.

    wordpress y2010 m04 d26 h22 slug-library page pageid-806 page-author-paul page-template page-template-default windows firefox ff3

    are all the body classes thematic applies to that page. so:

    .pageid-806 .entry-class {
    padding: 0;

    would apply only to that page. i don't know where those extra <p> tags are coming from. i was pulling hairs out myself w/ wordpress adding some in around an image on me.

    2. you definitely don't overwrite thematic's default.css. that is the whole point of a child theme. you drop the above CSS into YOUR theme's style.css and your theme will use that code instead of the one in the default.css b/c of how inheritance works in CSS.

    Posted 10 years ago #
  3. srf-pth

    Helga -

    Thank you so much! That did the trick! I also adjusted the line-height -- it was a way of at least reducing the size of those maddening <p> and

    Thank you again for your help!

    Posted 10 years ago #
  4. Glad you found a solution :) The maddening p's are likely the product of wpautop which WordPress uses to filter the content.

    Posted 10 years ago #

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