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more theme options - what would you add?

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  • Started 11 years ago by helgatheviking
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  1. I am planning on expanding Devin's awesome Thematic-Options child theme to include more options (currently he has a logo uploader, a column layout switcher, google analytics and footer text) and I would like some input as to what are the things that you really wish was an back-end option... ie the things you switch all the time or maybe the things clients always wish they could do w/o bothering you.

    i don't want to get out of control like Suffusion or Thesis, but there must be a few really common requests that ought to be there... and will make me feel better after spending so much time toying with things that are over my head. :)

    Devin's theme:

    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. really? no one would add anything?

    Posted 11 years ago #
  3. i guess an easy to add twitter feed would prove useful to most. like a 'latest tweet' in the branding or summit.

    a general 'announcement' text field near the top. i've worked on a few projects in which the client just wants to add a simple message update.

    when i first seen your thread i thought there has to be plenty to add, but when you break it down, less is more (and all that).

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  4. the twitter thing can be accomplished w/ a plugin no? and can't clients use the index widgets to display a message? i guess you are right that less is more. the more i get involved in trying to code options the more i realize it!

    but ummm.. i learned stuff? lol.

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  5. twitter with plugin, yes, i think there is currently over two billion to choose from.
    i'm at a stage at the moment where i'm looking at how simple you can make an admin panel for a client who doesn't want to further extend their site. this involves removing various admin menus from the dashboard, etc.
    one of these would be the plugins menu, so hard-coding a simple option for the user to add their twitter url would be handy. again, for many clients, widgets would be hidden as they would contain certain code thats makes things happen for them.

    if its a child theme options page for a general user who understands wordpress, yeah, plugins would cover most and the options are limited really.

    i do think options are handy (as mentioned) when setting up a back-end for a non-techy client. i am having problems tho with users/roles. just getting to grips with... all good fun

    never mind all that england 1 germany 4.

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  6. mrmikeman

    a layout page that has a handful of different post thumbnail options as in,
    Use post thumbnails on front page (Yes/No)
    How do you want them displayed?
    Rows of two" 3, 4 etc.
    Width/Height of thumbs (___)x(___) insert there..
    Show post content? (Yes/No)

    Also, I often see what is usually labeled a Feature Slider, that is above the post listing, i think having an option to use a style like that to simply show the most recent post. . this would be really amazing for magazine style sites.
    Personally i think that would be really good to have, because theres a lot of work involved in making your site display this way, without doing what appears to me at least, like a lot of coding, researching etc.. also i feel like wordpress itself should have built in options like this, the same ol blog site style of listing posts with just post title/content/ next.... is a little old and pre made themes that offer this style, also come with a LOT of baggage that needs to be trimmed.. i think the concept of thematic being bare bones in style is amazing because thats the part thats usually unique to a website, leaving it open to be customized from mostly scratch.

    :-D i know id never even look at other themes if there were more options like this.
    but thats just me :-D
    thematic rocks anyway the wind blows..

    Posted 10 years ago #

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