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Multiple Post Thumbnails

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  1. I'm looking for a way to include multiple post thumbnails. I'm using Neutica+ which gets the first image in the post. I've found some code that can get all images in a post, but I'm looking for a conditional method to display only certain images.

    This may help to explain what I'm looking for: I'm creating posts which compare architectural buildings and will be including multiple images for each building, however, would like to include only one image per building as post thumbnails.

    Does this seem feasable? I have only a cursory knowledge of php/wp but would appreciate even some general direction. Thanks in advance.


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  2. If I understand correctly, if you have a post with 6 images, you are looking for a way to display image1, image3, image 5, image6...something conditional like that...

    My first thought is that you'd have to load the images using "custom fields", then you can write a script that pulls only those specified images as post thumnails.

    It would require a little more work with each post, having to add the images not just to the post itself, but also to the custom fields, but it would be the most straight-forward means of producing your desired result.

    I can tell you that TONS of wordpress themes, even free ones, use custom fields to display post thumbnails, so there's no shortage of code out there for you to steal and mangle to suit your purposes.

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  3. Hey Tarpontech, thanks for the reply. Yep, that's right. I was hoping there would be a way to customize the image upload panel to include a checkbox or something to ask if the image should be displayed in the post "excerpt" or not.

    I think the custom field option like you mentioned could work but my concern is that I need the ability to show a different number of thumbnails on each post. I may want only two images on some or three or four on others. Can the themes you mention do this easily with custom fields? May you could point me to a couple? Thanks again.

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