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Newbie: Editing Entry Meta and Entry Utility

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  1. Hi

    I am developing a child theme based on thematic for my website. I have previously only worked pretty straight forward themes with a few template files, functions.php and a stylesheet. This is the first time I am working with a theme framework to create a child theme.

    I want to edit the Entry Meta, and Entry Utility areas but I can't find where thematic creates the loop and what I need to add to my functions.php

    I understand that I need to modify a default thematic hook and replace it with my own. But which hook and where it is located?

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  2. you can take a look at all the functions and filters available in the library/extensions folder of thematic. the postmeta and entryutility ones are in content-extensions.php specifically.

    NB: do NOT make changes in this file. all your tweaks go in your child's functions.php

    so with that you can either override the function completely.

    function childtheme_override_postheader_postmeta(){
    //do your thing

    or you can use filters... which you know are available anywhere you see apply_filters

    return apply_filters('thematic_postheader_postmeta',$postmeta);

    so to filter you'd do something like:

    function child_postmeta($postmeta){
    $postmeta = "ADD BACON! " . $postmeta;
    return $postmeta;
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  3. Thank you helgatheviking

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