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  • Started 12 years ago by ComptrollerBeta
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  1. This seems like such a simple requirement, but I can't find any way to make it happen.

    My site is based on a Thematic child theme. The standard 'Recent Posts' widget is in use, displaying my last 5 posts as desired. My problems:

    1. I'd like there to be a 'See all Previous Posts' option at the bottom of the list of 5 posts.
    2. I'd like to have a page that lists all previous posts, that the above text would link to.

    For problem 1, I have no idea how to edit widgets. For problem 2, I've looked at various tutorials on creating tmeplate pages that KIND OF cover this but omit something really important - how to have your header, footer, etc. included in the final template page! I've tried working from the standard page.php and pasting in the 'show all posts' template, but I have no idea where it's supposed to be pasted in order for it to function correctly.

    I've been stuck with various Thematic customisation problems in the past - I usually figure out a solution, but this time I'm stuck. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Posted 12 years ago #

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