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Primary Aside - Different widget on different pages

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  • Started 11 years ago by inetwebguy
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  1. I have read a few posts here with similar challenges, but have yet to find solutions. My challenge is a little different so I'm starting a new thread as opposed to tagging on to another.

    I am trying to add a "Text" widget to Primary Aside, but want a different Text widget to appear on each new page.

    Is this possible without using another plug in like Widget Logic? Or.. if Widget Logic is the simplest way, can someone give me some insight to accomplish it using Widget Logic?

    Thanks in advanced!

    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. Ok so the fix using Widget Logic, is actually very simple even for a me. And the GEICO cavemen point and laugh at me. So you know this is easy.

    For my issue I had a couple pages each with a Primary Aside. In the Primary Aside for the first page, "Submit a Site" the main content area has a submission form but wanted detailed information in the primary aside. Problem was this detailed submission information was now being put on every new page created. Solution... Widget Logic!

    This method is for my issue and is very basic, but didnt require me to edit any PHP at all.

    1) Install Widget Logic
    2) After installation each widget now has a "Widget Logic" field to pass information to.
    So under "Primary Aside" I added 2 Text Widgets (can be as many as you need) One for detailed submission information and one with more ancillary info for my "About" page.
    3) In the Widget Logic field for Text Widget "About" I entered is_page('about')
    4) Under the Submission info Text Widget in the Widget Logic field I entered !is_page('about') - notice the "!" in front which means "NOT"

    Problem Solved

    Now I could have used "is_page('submission')" just as easily but read on the Widget Logic page that "!" meant "NOT" so figured what the hell.

    I'll be happy to help anyone with similar problems, but I am a novice so unless your day consists of eating strained peas from a glass jar with a picure of a baby on it, you might be better off asking someone who knows a bit more than me. :)

    Posted 11 years ago #

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