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Removing Drop Down Menu in Twenty Ten Theme

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  • Started 10 years ago by jmcgil14
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  1. jmcgil14

    Hi, I am completely new to wordpress and I am trying to use it as a CMS to create a prototype website.

    I have currently created a child theme of the theme twenty ten and have added a number of pages and sub pages. When I add the sub pages they appear as drop down items on the main navigation.. is there anyway to turn the drop down off as I would prefer to have sub menu pages as a list down the left hand side of the page instead?


    Posted 10 years ago #
  2. jmcgil14

    please help?

    Posted 10 years ago #
  3. ummm... how did you end up here?

    first, it is sort of poor form to bump your own thread after only an hour. if you want that kind of immediate help you should be hiring someone and not depending on a free online forum somewhere

    especially because...

    second, you're in the wrong place as this forum is dedicated primarily to the Thematic Theme framework. not to say that general WP questions don't come up, but this isn't the right place for support on other themes. you'd probably be better off asking your question at the regular WP forums:

    i did write a very extensive post on menus that might be someone explanatory... but then it is colored by the fact that is is aimed at dealing with Thematic and not twentyten.

    and you could also consult the wordpress codex:

    or here if you could just create a 3.0 style custom menu

    but ultimately you are having a problem w/ wordpress and specifically with their default theme... why not go to the source?

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  4. jmcgil14

    Thanks for the advice, i will have a look at the links you posted.

    I didnt realise that this wasnt the correct forum, firstly I was under the impression that the tagline 'help in shaping wordpress themes' meant any theme not just thematic, Secondly i am a student working on a project so i cant hire someone and i need to rely on forums etc to help me in this new subject area.

    Posted 10 years ago #
  5. i was just wondering is all, b/c i'm curious how people who aren't thematic users end up here... especially when seems like the most obvious place. it used to be more obvious that this was the thematic home, but has undergone some major overhauls recently... and we're pushing to get thematic off on its own. it isn't a problem that you can't hire someone... i spent a lot of time learning stuff in forums versus hiring anyone. it was more to point out that this is a volunteer forum, so you shouldn't expect answers in under 60 minutes to be the norm.

    Posted 10 years ago #

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