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  • Started 14 years ago by initialsbr
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  1. initialsbr

    I am trying to place a large background image in the child theme I am developing. I want it to be 100% width all the time and resize with the window. In the past I have put this code...

    <div><img id="diamondigloo" title="" alt="" src="images/diamondigloobackground.jpg"/></div> the end of my footer.php page and this in the css...

    #diamondigloo {
    position: absolute;
    width: 100%;
    height: auto;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    z-order: 1;

    But I want to do this the right way with a child theme. How would I go about that? Do I make a plugin or add a function to functions.php? I'm definitely new to this hooks and filters and plugins business, so some guidance would be wonderful.


    Posted 14 years ago #
  2. @initialsbr: I am very new to Thematic as well and have spent a lot of time during the past two days thinking I must be too dim to grasp the concepts. Hopefully what I've posted below is somewhat correct - though corrections are always welcome:

    You've probably seen this visual guide to Thematic already:

    And from what I can gather, the appropriate thing to use for your background image would be a Hook rather than a Filter (

    So if you did want to continue inserting the same code into the footer (is this where the background should go?) I presume you might use something like this in your functions.php file:

    function 100bg() { ?>
    <div><img id="diamondigloo" title="" alt="" src="images/diamondigloobackground.jpg"/></div>
    <?php }
    add_action('thematic_belowfooter', '100bg');

    It might well be ok to use thematic_after instead of thematic_belowfooter (as per the design structure).

    And the rest of the CSS would go in style.css as usual.

    Hopefully this is correct and possibly somewhat helpful. I opted for a static background in the end for my own site.

    Posted 14 years ago #
  3. initialsbr

    Thanks. That totally worked. And thanks for the hooks reference. That will be extremely helpful!

    Posted 14 years ago #
  4. @initialsbr: Glad you found it helpful :) Hopefully we'll get to see your site in the showcase soon!

    Posted 14 years ago #

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