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  1. Hi Ian and fellow Thematics,

    I've been playing around with my new Thematic Power Blog all day (very impressed with the theme as well as the helpfulness of the forum).

    I'm new to the technical aspects of all this, but I'm dedicated to learning it. I've been studying up on PHP, Wordpress (via the codex,, etc), and CSS.

    The idea of child themes seems smart, but it's new to me and I'm not yet clear how it all works. For example, I'm not clear how/when I should be editing something in the main Thematic files versus editing something in the Thematicpowerblog files (functions.php, styles.php).

    I'd like to know if there are basic "Getting Started" tutorials or articles that are specific to the Thematic Framework &/or explains the gestalt of using a framework instead of a single theme.

    (For further background, I'm planning to use this as a site CMS, not a blog CMS. One example of what I'd like to do is: I'd like to be able to use a different set of widgets for the index page versus a "Page" page. For example, there are three widget spaces across the top--1st leader aside, 2nd leader aside, and 3rd leader aside. Can I have those widget spaces display different content from the index page to a "Page" page? Or, alternatively, how do I turn them off for one Page but keep them on for another Page).

    Much appreciated. - cp

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  2. Re. Widgets: You'll need the Widget Logic Plugin or Widget Context Plugin. That'll take care of that.

    I like to approach Child Theme editing like this: 1. Can I do it with CSS? 2. Can I do it in functions? 3. I guess I'll copy over the Thematic template file into my Child Theme and start hacking (or ask on the forums if it can be added to the next version). If you follow that protocol you'll generally stay out of trouble.

    Are there getting started articles? Sort of. There're some articles on the blog, spread out all over the place. I should probably collect them in a list.

    If you're getting started with CSS I recommend the HTML DOG Beginner CSS tutorial:

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  3. Great. I'll follow that protocol and take it from there. (btw, here's my test:

    Posted 11 years ago #
  4. I just installed the Widget Logic Plugin. So far, it's working great. Thank you!

    Posted 11 years ago #

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