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Right border hidden on post border

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  1. ...I don't mean to be spamming, but why is the text from the original post gone?

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  2. Hello
    It's my first time here and I know I'll be back many times, since I'm not a coder nor designer or anything...
    I'm customizing Thematic a little bit with a child theme. Right now I want the posts to have a white background with a grey border on them. I've tried adding `border: 10px solid #CCC´ to .hentry, #content and #container; but had the same problem in all of them: the righ border is not visible (only left, top and bottom borders). It's like they're inside something ( the main div?) that is not big enough for them. When I made their width smaller, the border was visible. I tried to make #main wider, but that didn't help. If it helps, you can see the website here

    One more question: is it more appropriate that I make these customizations on default.css or 2c-l-fixed.css? I'm doing it on default.css

    Thanks in advance, everyone.

    Posted 10 years ago #
  3. .hentry inherits a width of 620px... which once you add on another 20px for the border now equals 640px and therefore overflows the #content div which is also 620px w/ overflow hidden. hence the border never shows.

    make your changes in your child's style.css. if you plan to make a lot of changes just copy the whole default.css right into your child's style.css versus importing it. in fact i usually paste everything in as it makes the site a little leaner as it only needs to download 1 stylesheet versus 5.


    .hentry {
    background: white;
    border: 10px solid #CCC;
    width: 600px;

    also for CSS issues make sure you have either for firefox or using chrome's built-in developer tools. these go a loooong way to helping me solve all my CSS issues.

    Posted 10 years ago #
  4. Hey Helga '=) Thanks for your help.
    I should have mentioned that making .hentry less wide did make the right border visible. I didn't want to lose any space though - in fact, I'm hoping to get my hands on a 3c-fluid.css or 2c-l-fluid.css some day so I can make better use of the space ;-)
    I guess I'll follow your suggestion for now. But still... I forgot to mention that I also tried making #main, #container and #content wider, but that didn't help. If the problem is #content being only 620px with .hentry being 640px, why wasn't the problem solved when I put #content to be 800px wide?

    Yea, I use firebug '=) Thanks again!!

    EDIT: cool, so I did the right thing in copying default.css and editing there ;-) I just think I put my background image on 2c-l-fixed.css though... I'll change that.

    Posted 10 years ago #
  5. were right from the beginning, Helga! ;-) Once I increased the width of #main, #container and #content, the border became visible! Still, I'd rather maintain 2c-l-fixed.css as it is and follow your suggestion of decreasing the .hentry width... Thanks a lot!! ;-)

    Posted 10 years ago #

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