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some links put into pages do not work

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  • Started 10 years ago by lachlan39
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  1. I am using a child theme derived from the thematic sample one with WordPress 3.2. Some of the pages have links (both external and internal) on them. Most don't work. The code seems to be the same for adjoining operational and non-operational links. I have spent hours with Google without success so far!

    One problematic page is - the first two links do not work but the rest do.

    Here is an example from that page using 'view page source'. The first link does not work, the next one does:

    <li class="organisation"><span class='org_name'>Auckland University of Technology</span>
    <span class='org_type'>(Associate)</span>
    <span class='org_url'></span>

    <li class="organisation"><span class='org_name'>Australian Catholic University</span>
    <span class='org_type'>(Member)</span>
    <span class='org_url'></span>

    Posted 10 years ago #
  2. what do you mean by "most don't work"? what is happening instead?

    is a broken link. it returns a 404 not-found page. it's not that it doesn't work, it is that your link is incorrect or points to a location that no longer exists.

    as an aside, you've got weirdness coming from your widget menu

    i'd add

    .widget_nav_menu .menu {
      width: auto;

    to override the default .menu width that applies to the menu in #access

    Posted 10 years ago #
  3. Thanks. I should have been more explicit. Although the links are underlined, the cursor doesn't change shape when hovered over them, and nothing happens on click. Have a look on the Members page and also the (temporarily unrestricted) Restricted page. As you move down the page they start to "work" and then continue to do so. A lot of the html is cut and pasted which I though could be a problem, but also see the new page Ztemp made completely in WordPress.

    You're right about the aut site but the one before it certainly loads from a browser.

    Styling is far from complete but I'm not sure what your comment about weirdness refers to.

    Posted 10 years ago #
  4. Now resolved. But I'd like to know why/how!

    I activated the 2010 theme - all links behaved as expected. This also occurred with the 2011 theme and the basic thematic theme.

    So I activated my custom theme again - and now the links worked properly!

    So now I can go ahead and work on my theme again!

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  5. if you were hovering over them and the links didn't change it was b/c the menu in the sidebar had a width of 940px and was "covering up" the regular content. see my above post for the fix.

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  6. Thanks again, helgatheviking. I've made the addition you suggested and the links still operate.

    However, I carried out the changes of theme mentioned above before I made your addition, so I'm still at a loss to explain why the theme changes fixed the problem. I understand your point about the "cover up" but both the problem links and some of the others seemed to be opposite the menu. With the addition you've suggested, I guess the problem won't recur.

    I'm relatively new to WordPress and am not yet really secure with the structures - as you can tell. None of Firebug, WebDeveloper, View Source revealed the problem by the way.

    Many thanks for your timely help.

    Posted 10 years ago #

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