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The future of the official guide?

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  • Started 13 years ago by relequestual
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  1. Hi All,

    As a fairly new developer, I have increasingly discovered how important the documentation of functions are. Anyone reading this I'm sure finds the php docs incredibly useful.

    I wanted to change the content on the home page from full to excerpts. Initially I had no idea how to do this with my Thematic child theme. After some digging I found the relevant code. I don't know if it's just because I haven't worked with any wordpress theme frameworks before, but it wasn't obvious to me that I needed to go through functions.php to one of the required imports (content-extensions.php) and find the code at line 776, function thematic_content_init.

    I KNOW I might have been able to find this in the forums somewhere, but rather than digging around, it would have been nice if I could search the guide for say, excerpt, which would then say where this code was.

    I was thinking, maybe there could be a page for each of the required imports in functions.php, which listed its functions and the functions purpose (although it would make sense for the purpose to be in a rolled-up-by-default section).

    I would be happy to help out with this as I use and develop with Thematic, as I'm sure many would, if there is a plan behind the guide to follow.

    I admit I'm new to this, and this IS the first and only wordpress theme framework I've used, but I spent a while researching before choosing this one.

    I am a believer of learning through helping and discovery.

    Thoughts / feelings on this anyone?

    Posted 13 years ago #
  2. I agree and would be willing to contribute!

    Posted 13 years ago #
  3. Contribution and updates can be found here:

    Posted 13 years ago #

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