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Thematic and its typography

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  1. So I am by no means an expert in typography. I am trying to learn as much as I can about it and have been doing a lot of reading. Since I use Thematic for practically every site I build in Wordpress, I started trying to really dissect the typography used. What I see, that I'm hoping someone can shed some light on, is that in default.css it uses a font-size of 15px and a line-height of 22px. Are these numbers unconventional? I haven't seen them used in any type of typography article or tutorial. I have actually been seeing a lot of opinions stating that ems are the best option when coding font size, especially when trying to design around a responsive layout. So can anyone help explain this? I'd love to get a better understanding of the best way to approach typography when starting a process with Thematic.

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  2. tunetosuraj

    You might wanna take a look at and if you want some cool typo fonts you can always check out

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  3. you aren't locked in to using thematic's typography (which is based on the popular Blueprint). you can totally overwrite it or include any typography framework you like (like emtastic or baselineCSS).

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  4. MarSOnEarth

    Another, and very general, thing; don't approach typography too rigidly. Some typefaces may need more "air" to breathe, some less and even this changes at different point sizes, or even your intent. So, type face and its line height vs. font size vs. font weight vs. word and character spacing are pretty fluid and all dependent upon the fonts application.

    Much has been written (literally over the centuries) on the subject, but for the Web, you might find it illuminating to take a look at some good applications of typography, like the complete styling(s) at

    Then, to ease the drudgery of repetitive (re)calculations, James Whittaker's Em Calculator is a real day-saver.

    Have fun

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  5. Thanks for the responses! I did realize that it was based online blueprint, which is great, but I didn't understand the 15px/22px. I usually setup with 12px/18px to start and then make adjustments when I add google fonts if need be. I just want to be using best practices so I don't develop any bad habits!

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  6. i'd like to stick up for the people w/ poor eyesight and encourage you to go bigger than 12px! :)

    love this article and this site's typography:
    the 100% easy-to-read standard

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  7. I meant 14px. Oops... Thanks for posting that article. It's definitely a good resource. I'm thankful I goofed or you probably wouldn't have posted it :)

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