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  • Started 11 years ago by Manuel
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  1. Right now the thematic_searchloop outputs the following:

    Search Results for: [searchterm]
    [permalink][the title][/permalink]
    [the excerpt]

    Which could be a bit confusing for people who are not used "to the internet". Especially if the excerpt or post/page title is not "showing" the searchterm to visually proove its relavancy.

    I would love to output it like this:

    You searched for "[searchterm]", the following pages might be relevant:
    if result is a child page: [parent title] → [permalink][child title][/permalink]
    if result is a parent page: → [permalink][parent title][/permalink]
    if result is a post: category title → [permalink][post title][/permalink]
    [custom length-limited excerpt-style clipping which contains highlighted searchterm][read-more-link]
    [No search results] Show ways to contact the website owner by phone, email or contact form.

    Explanation: "You searched for: searchterm" sounds like a full stop which is not delivering the feeling of guiding you any further. It is not that obvious (well, a little) that the following list of post/pages might be relevant, especially not if they look like an ordinary category page.

    It is "hard to believe" to a novice surfer that the listed excerpts are relevant to the searchterm if they do not show the highlighted searchterm in any way. Those surfers are likely to ignore the first excerpt (eventhough it might be relevant) if the second excerpt visually prooves them in this way the relevancy by actually showing the searchterm.

    Which is something a website owner can't afford: If the search went slightly less successful as if he had clicked the first excerpt with a probably a higher relevancy. This is guess work, of cause, but possible. But "Probably" is a no-go here.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Posted 11 years ago #

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