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Theme Development Checklist - Volunteers Needed!

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  • Started 9 years ago by helgatheviking
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  1. Based on the Theme review checklist at i created an actual checklist

    this isn't the best venue, but let's use this thread to volunteer to take a section of the checklist and verify that the thematic SVN passes all the requirements. some of the sections are super easy, some are more involved.

    how to get the latest SVN

    so post w/ what section you've taken, and what your results were, whether you've submitted a patch, etc. i'll try to keep this main list up-to-date w/ who's doing what and their status.

    Code Quality
    status: reviewed and 2 issues pending

    • php, js, css, html --> resolved
    • doctype declation --> resolved
    • theme namespacing--> helga
      • themes are req'd to use a unique slug as a prefix for all custom function names, classes, public/global variables, database entries (theme options, post custom metadata, etc). recommended to use theme-slug as this unique slug.
      • so far there are functions in sidebar-extensions.php, shortcodes.php, header-extensions.php and content-extensions.php that don't start with the thematic_ prefix.
      • there are classes in widgets.php that don't start with the thematic prefix.
      • there are constants in init.php that don't start with thematic_prefix
      • if this applies to filter names too then i need to verify that the filters that don't start with thematic_ are, in fact, WP filters. the_content, the_excerpt and the like i know, but there are some more obscure ones that i don't know off the top of my head.

    status: reviewed and 2 issues pending
    NB: need someone to verify the internationalization works and that all strings are accounted for

    • Automatic feed Links --> helga, OK
    • Widgets --> middlesister, OK
    • Comments --> helga
      • need comments_class() function. i suspect we'll need to use it in the same way we are using constants to override body and post by default but with the potential to be overriden
    • Navigation Menus --> helga
      • register_nav_menu() should be in functions.php
    • Post Thumbnails --> helga
      • add_theme_support('post-thumbnails') is supposed to be in functions.php. it is in init.php in the extensions.php folder. i'd make a case that everything in init.php should be moved back to functions.php where most of it used to be. --> patch submitted
    • Custom Header --> helga, N/A
    • Custom Background --> helga, N/A
    • Visual Editor CSS --> helga, N/A
    • Translation/Internationalization
    • Template Tags and Hooks
      status: reviewed and 3 pending

    • required hooks and navigation -->middlesister, OK
    • including files --> middlesister, OK
    • including stylesheets and scripts --> helga
      • enqueue scripts on wp_enqueue_scripts hook > patch for init.php
    • including other resources --> helga, OK
    • site information
      • get_feed_link() and get_stylesheet_uri instead of get_bloginfo() equivalents > patch for header-extensions.php

    Wordpress-Generated CSS Classes
    status: reviewed and OK!

    • Support of required classes --> middlesister, OK

    Theme Template Files
    status: reviewed and 1 issue pending

    • required minimum template files --> helga, OK
    • recommended templates --> helga, OK
    • option templates --> helga, OK
    • core forms
      • login form: must be included using wp_login_form() - do we think this means only if the theme adds a login form that is must be called properly? not that the theme must include a login form?
    • not recommended templates --> helga, OK

    Theme Settings and Data Security
    status: needs review

    Licensing --> helga, OK
    status: reviewed and OK!

    • license
    • up-sell themes
    • bundled resources

    Theme Name --> helga, OK
    status: reviewed and OK!

    Credit Links
    status: reviewed and OK!
    you are allowed 1 credit link. any others must be opt-in and off by default. thematic's is on by default but as a theme option is changeable, which i think is ok since there isn't a forced-use link.

    Theme Documentation
    status: reviewed and OK!

    Theme Unit Tests
    status: reviewed by middlesister, multiple issues pending

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. middlesister

    Great initiative Kathy!

    Running the theme check plugin only gives one warning. It wants the tag "Thematic" removed from style.css because it is a "wrong" tag. All required things are met - this means all required hooks and navigation, required files, css classes and such are OK.

    It also shows three recommended things missing: editor_style, custom header and custom background. Like you stated above it is not applicable for us.

    Otherwise there are some info about using includes in init.php and suggesting to use get_template_part(), but that is also not applicable in this case.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. hmmm i don't see that tag in style.css any more. maybe gene removed it.

    personally, i do like using locate_template though in lieu of include, but i think we're ok using include since we're not trying to load template parts. i might propose a patch, but i don't want to send gene too many non-mission-critical patches

    we definitely still need someone to check internationalization, the site information (or did you say that was OK too?) and the theme unit test.

    gene put a lot of docbloc i think so it'd be good to look that over too if you get a chance

    Posted 9 years ago #
  4. I dunno why the theme check plugin is stating that? That tag definitely isn't in the tags section. It might be choking on a malformed comment block. Not sure.

    I've already fixed the text domains that were noted.

    Another bit... installing the debug and debug extended plugins is really helpful as well.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  5. can someone check the SVN version against the theme unit test content?

    Posted 9 years ago #
  6. I made a pass at this fixed gallery padding styles that were really ugly. Clearing floats addressed for pagination links. The main menu has been changed to accept a line wrap of menu items w/ ie7 support. See revision 806 in the svn

    These changes will likely cause a headache for some when released but they are necessary for theme review compliance.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  7. will check it out. IE can slink off and die. we could always add conditional classes to HTML to help target IE better, like boilerplate

    Posted 9 years ago #
  8. middlesister

    I just checked the theme unit test data today against r805. There are some small things to fix. I will list them here for reference so we can see them all at a glance since they might belong to different issues on google code.


    • the .page-link needs a clear:both to clear any floated images
    • the ins and q elements are missing styling
    • h5 and h6 are also missing styling. There is styling for them in classic.css though but that file is not included by default.
    • the .edit-link for comments and trackbacks are bumped to a new line due to the clear:both/display:block that addressed the floating edit link on pages. That selector needs to be changed to ".page .edit-link"
    • the test unit data have html lists in the comments. These get styled as if they were comments too, with border and padding, since the selectors refer to all li's. Can probably be addressed with changing selectors to li.comment or similiar, but it needs some checking.
    • all headings in the comments are missing styling.

    Both of these last points might be edge cases, since these tags are not allowed in comments with the default settings. But, themes can add allowed tags so I guess it wouldn't hurt to put styling there. I suppose it's in the theme unit test data for a reason.


    • No permalink on posts with missing post title. The theme review requires a permalink to be found even when a post is missing title. It suggests using the date as a permalink. Now, if you have your permalink structure set up to use the title of posts in the link you will not be able to visit the post anyway, but there you go. Maybe put something in entry-utility?
    • No title on the default widgets.; The removal of titles for widgets (issue 107) means that the thematic default widgets on a newly activated theme also will be without titles. Maybe set default titles when they are first registered in thematic_init_presetwidgets?
    • Undefined property notice on attachments.php:56. $post->post_ID needs to be $post->ID
    • Undefined index in comments.php:23 when viewing a password protected post. I think this is because we are trying to check a cookie that haven't been set yet. Some isset checking would probably fix that.

    I did not actually check every single widget in all of the widget areas like the unit test list wants you to, but I put one or two in most of them. I will make a patch for the attachments.php and comments.php. I guess you Kathy if you now have moderator superpowers can check off this list as the points get addressed?

    Posted 9 years ago #
  9. super powers!! yay! neither strikethrough nor input are allowed markup though so i can only write an OK next to things that are fixed.

    Posted 9 years ago #

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