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Total Newbie to WP and Thematic HELP!

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  • Started 10 years ago by Ayisha
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  1. Ayisha

    Hi guys and girls with brains. Recently got a host and installed WP, friend suggested Thesis but then another said they had promoted to Thematic which was better, so I installed that. I work through the WP dashboard as not ventured into the hosty bit as I have no idea what I'm doing but after trying to find an answer here to something I did venture in there and look - lots of scary files!

    I have been learning things on Dreamweaver CS5 so not totally stupid at it all but cannot get my head round the parent child thing, although the more I read it is forming in the depths of the old brain.

    My questions are,
    1. is this a theme where I will still be writing code like in DW?? as right now I don't seem to even have a way to change a bg color or anything but play with moving widgets around. The Thematic Options seems to have nothing, or nothing I understand.

    2. How can I get rid totally and absolutely of the comments thing? I have read the threads here and still no wiser.

    This is my first ever hosting and first ever site, so be gentle and note that I need child steps and abc and 123 for complete dummies.

    Thank you for your time.

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  2. you might want to start by reading this:

    i know alot of the thematic docu is in "transition". we're trying to get going at a new site. it might not even be available atm, i'm not sure.

    thematic does NOT come w/ a full-blown options panel like with thesis, or Woo, or any of the big premiums. it is more a framework for developers to build off of.

    you could build your own full-blown options panel with either Fitr Theme options plugin or Devin Price's awesome options framework plugin.

    to answer your questions, you still write html but you add it via hooks and functions. if it is a lot of custom markup, you can reproduce a (for example) page.php in your child theme. due to template hierarchy ( ) , WP will use your child's page.php before it uses the parent's version.

    1. see my answer from yesterday on how to add html via functions:

    2. disable comments answered at this thread:

    Posted 10 years ago #

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