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Trying to get full-size images to show on archive pages

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  • Started 12 years ago by mlujan
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  1. Hi folks,

    I'm designing a Thematic child theme for my photoblog, and I'd like to know how to get the full resolution images, rather than thumbnails, to display not only in the regular feed and on individual posts, but on the tag and category archive pages as well. See here:

    Posted 12 years ago #
  2. dig around in content-extensions.php to see what is generating the thumbnails. you will see that thematic conveniently has a filter called thematic_post_thumb_size that changes the size of the thumbnails.

    function full_size(){
    	if (is_tag() || is_category()){
    		return "full"; // also accepts an array of height/width array(100,100)
    add_filter( 'thematic_post_thumb_size' , 'full_size' );

    you can totally change the conditional logic to suit your purposes. is_archive() would work for date,author, tag, category and basically ALL archives. or you could do away w/ the conditional logic completely to have the full image anywhere the excerpt is displayed...

    ps- i really like your background, but your site is hard to read b/c of the low contrast between the gray bg and the gray text... just imo

    Posted 12 years ago #
  3. Thank you! This looks like what I was looking for, or at least a step in that direction. I tried putting this into my functions.php file without the conditional, and it's bringing up the NGGallery thumbnail instead of the full-res of the featured image for each post. Pardon my ignorance, as I'm just starting to get my feet wet with PHP.

    Thank you muchly for the design feedback. I do want to have the images be the main visual focal point, in part by de-emphasising the text, but apparently I've gone overboard. Must tool around with it some more. Thanks again for your time.

    Posted 12 years ago #

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