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What will happen to Thematic ?

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  • Started 8 years ago by kflyer
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  1. kflyer

    Hello all, my first post here. Been a long time user of Thematic and decided that I should finally ask this question. I am aware that the same question was asked only a few weeks ago. But I honestly do not believe that the answer is one we all can be satisfactory of.
    Thematic is a true pioneer and did set many standards. Most of us geeks were proud to tell that our site was built on Thematic. But what has happened now ?
    Let alone the lack of development, we have not seen any new child themes for the last year except two or three.
    I understand that this is a non-profit project and that both Gene and Chris have their own matters to take care of, in first place. But it is a real shame to see everyone moving away from such a great framework when there is still potential left in it.
    One could argue that everyone from Automattic to Justin Tadlock are moving away from child themes and that theme frameworks never really took off. But then again there is a large user base, while it may be a niche, still willing to use child themes.
    We have many talented developers here, from Devin to Helga to Jonny. Should one or all of them join and take the project forward with Chris and Gene ? Or should we all abandon Thematic for the good ? I do not believe that a theme framework in a half-dying state helps anyone other than the competing theme frameworks.
    I am sorry for the tone of this post, but I am a loyal Thematic user and hope it will continue to rule for a long time.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. I was kind of trying to allude to this with my last post.

    Check the status header status code on

    It returns 403, effectively deindexing the thematic folder on the Themeshaper site. That is over 800k in back links sent to a error page (well forbidden, but pretty much the same thing to search engines), Thematic is now harder to find than ever. Maybe there is a good explanation, Panda Update or Worlds Worst SEO?

    If they really wanted Thematic to die though, they would just hire Kathy and keep her buried in work so she can't help people here on the forum.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. Hi all, I don't know how much I am supposed to be revealing, but Thematic WILL be moving to and hopefully soon. There was quite a bit of difficulty w/ domain transfers and donated hosting... and probably more that I wasn't 100% aware of, but I can confirm that Gene and Chris are in the process of moving us there. I know they have been doing some testing on registration and moving the boards, and there's been some discussion about the best way to redirect all that content to the new domain. I'd help out more with that but frankly I'm out of my depth with BBpress.

    Rest assured that I keep nagging them to move faster. I feel like we had a lot of enthusiasm for building a first-rate wiki and pushing thematic forward- and I hope finally landing at our new home will be the spark we need to get tjat started again. I know that I personally want to get more people in involved and hope that you'll be on board.

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  4. Have you all seen this: Child-Themes will now be considered for inclusion into the WordPress Extend Themes repository.

    Perhaps child themes and frameworks will become more popular?

    Posted 8 years ago #
  5. Hi Everybody,

    @ flyer - Thematic is very much alive. It's just going though some growing pains at the moment.

    @Scottnix - I see that Ian has replied to your other thread regarding the 403 in the header and I agree with him that it's nothing to worry about. So the deal is the content is there but the http header response is a 403 forbidden. Basically that's telling search engines not to bother crawling the page. I can't speak to whether this is intentional or accidental but either way I don't see it as an issue. Thematic is in transition and moving to a new domain. In a future release, I expect we'll see the footer link updated to reflect Thematic's new home.

    @helga - Thanks for nagging… ;)

    @notlaura - Yes child themes will be coming to the theme repo but not quite yet re: Jane & Nacin's first comments over there

    I apologize for the recent silence on my part. This has moved much slower than we all had hoped. Rest assured that we are actively working toward a bright future for the project.


    Posted 8 years ago #
  6. Sweet!!!

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