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Where can I find code for below the fold text on single page?

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  1. My site will have a category of posts, "Quicklinks" ('quick'). These are not full blog posts, just a link to the external site and a short excerpt. They do not show a title and have a completely different look from other posts. See here:

    So far I've achieved pretty much what I want with CSS alone by messing with .category-quick and display:none; among other things.

    I have a couple of questions.

    1) Where does WP decide that it should show the "below the fold" (more...) text on the single.php (or any other) page? (Sorry, I'm not sure what this is called in WP.) Basically, all I want, even on the permalink page, is the above the fold text. I DO want to use the extended entry field, but I do not want it to display for this category.

    (Basically, I use the above the fold to link out to an article, but if I think it might expire, I sometimes copy the entire thing into the extended entry so that I can refer to it in the future. I do not want it to display.)

    2) OK, I had a 2, but I'll hold off for now.

    I'm assuming I'm going to have to get used to the term in_category('quick'), as in elseif (in_category('quick'))... but I'm not sure where to be applying it.

    I guess my second question is, is there a plugin that allows one to rearrange things for a particular category -- add, remove fields -- that can then be styled? I've been assuming I need to do some coding, but I want to just be sure I'm not rediscovering the wheel here.


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  2. You know, come to think of it, the better solution to this is to just paste the extra data into a custom field and then not display it. This is where my lack of experience keeps me from coming up with better solutions.

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