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Width and Links (5 questions)

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  • Started 12 years ago by marcreck
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  1. Hi Ian, Firstly thanks for a great theme, and your posts which have inspired me to get deeper into wordpress. I have a few questions i cant work out so thought i'd post them.

    1)How do i change the width of the whole theme. At the mo i have two white blocks down the side after changing the background colour from white to black. I would like to know how to make those bits black or extend the whole blog across the screen.

    2) I would also like to space the widgets out more, and lay the grid out a bit cleaner as some of the things i have in the widgets are a little large (like flyers) Is it possible to space things out a little (or above increase the whole width)

    3) I notice when i click on anything other than the home/blog page all my links turn black. I have changed this to white so i can see them, but i was wondering how to let all the pages behave the same, i/e come up as blue links.

    4) Finally i was wondering if it might be possible to have a floating menu instead of the pages across the top.

    5) Oh and the other (last :) thing that i can't work out is how to hide the blog title without losing half the header. When i try the method you posted in the forum it seems to raise the menu and everything underneath up an inch, obscuring half my header.

    If you or anyone has any ideas on any of the above i'd be most grateful. I am no web developer, so please let me know what and where the code should go, as i'll probably copy and paste it into whereever suggested.

    Many thanks

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  2. P.s my site i'm making over is

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  3. Hi marcreck. Everything that you asked can be done using CSS.

    For the black background(nr.1) use:

    As for the rest they might take quite some time and effort to make so I would recommend finding someone to customize the theme for you if you don't have time fiddling with your design.


    Posted 12 years ago #
  4. Thanks for your Cristi :)

    Re number one i have already changed that line and so <most> of the area is black, but it still has the two white blocks on the right and left sides -, which
    firebug doesnt seem to highlight/inspect, (hence asking if it was possible to change the width, so there is no white areas).

    I also tried changing it (body{background:#000;})on the style.css as well on the last lines -

    /* Un-comment the line below to set a grid with 18px line-height to fit 125px ad units */

    /* body { background:url(../thematic/images/960_grid_12_col.gif) repeat-y top center; } */

    as well as the default css but still i have the big white sides. I wondered if that line in the style.css is the one to make the width big enough to cover.

    I have time to fiddle about with the theme but no money to pay a developer, so if anyone has any answers to the other ones, (if possible pointing me to the right page and suggesting a replacement line, it will probably save me days of time,and i'd be most grateful :)

    I realise the floating menu one might be a little too involved as it looks like writing some specific code, but if the other ones are just changing a line and it's obvious to anyone clever than i, please drop us a reply.

    I will be asking santa for a developer with free time for xmas though.

    Kind regards

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  5. Worked number 1 out (with a little help from a friend)

    I think i missed out the body bit so just the middle background was black

    It was in reset css for anyone looking to change the whole background to another color -

    body {background: color:#000000

    Posted 12 years ago #
  6. Sorry that should have read i changed the default css file to include this line

    #wrapper {
    border-top:9px solid black ; background-color:#000000


    Posted 12 years ago #

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